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How To Change Your Life in Just 10 Days : Vipassana Experience

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Recently I did an incredible trip. A trip I always wanted to do, to a place very close to my heart. Literally, close to my heart. It was a 10-day trip, away from the various sounds of frequent notifications, away from the beep, the chirp, the whistles, away from the noise pollutions of the nearby […]

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Traveller In Focus : Santhosh George Kulangara

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Reading Time: 4 minutes As someone who is inclined towards travelling and more travelling, I  feel that most of our dreams are predictable. Some even became cliché. I want to travel around the world, I want to take absolutely stunning pictures, I want to inspire people to travel more and finally get that dream job in National Geographic. Sounds cliché […]

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God's Footprint At the top of Arunachala

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Reading Time: 4 minutes 30.10.2014 ( Day 24 ) After yesterday's energy packed music night, we slept well. So far so good. Everything went according to plan, but not exactly according to the plan.  Our plan of waking up very early and getting ready for the trek before 7 am didn't work out because of our usual obsession with that […]

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Music Night at Thiruvannamalai

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Reading Time: 4 minutes 29.10.2014 (Day 23 cotd. ) After we came back from our "Midnight pilgrimage" we went to sleep at 6 in the morning. We slept till evening. We woke up and prepared something to eat from our previous day's food shopping. And we started to think about our future plans for the day. The day had  passed, […]

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Midnight Adventure @ Thiruvannamalai

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Continuing from Thiruvannamalai Adventure begins 29.10.2014 ( Day 23) We had the nice self-made dinner. Everyone thought that we would sleep early, and wake up early the next day morning to do the walking around the mountain before sun hit too hard. Time : Around 12'o clock But instead of sleeping early, we were having a great […]

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Thiruvannamalai Adventure begins

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Reading Time: 5 minutes 28.10.2014 ( Day 22 ) Thiruvannamalai is famous for its temple, holy mountain, Ashram of Ramana Maharshi and lots more.  The main agenda for the day was to go around the holy mountain and after that scale the holy mountain. It was an ambitious plan considering the distance around the mountain and height of the […]

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How far can you travel with 2000 bucks?

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Reading Time: < 1 minute First of all I am sorry for not being able to reply to your likes and encouraging comments as I am travelling to find out what is written in the title.  Have you ever thought how far you can travel with a couple of thousand bucks?  It can be less than 100 kms or maybe […]

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