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Here you can find a collection of links from this blog which focuses on Photography.

Complete Guide


Shutter Speed


There are three fundamental things to master, if you want to master photography! All of these three together creates the desired lighting you  want and known as Exposure triangle. The combination of these three gives you the image that you have envisioned in your minds eye. So a good undestanding about exposure triangle is mandatory if you love your camera with Manual mode!

Understand Exposure Triangle

Composition Tips

Some easy composition rules to upgrade snapshots to beautiful images.

You might have heard Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines etc.

But there are other couple of more simple techniques to easily apply and change your photography game.

Check them out To Better Your Photography

How To Guides

How to take a Full moon picture with all the details

Vote and Learn

For a better experience, first do try the Voting post, even if you don't want to vote.

How to turn BLUR into your Advantage in Photography

Blur is beautiful

Why You Should Try Slow Shutter Speed

I have a special affection towards Slow Shutter Speed Photography. It is nothing short of a magic! The extended play of light and the art that it creates should make everyone appreciate the technique of Slow shutter speed photography.

Check out some of my Slow shutter speed experiments

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