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All The Good Things Are At The Other End Of Fear : Solo Trekking at Skandagiri | Part 3

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All alone in that lonely place, I was undergoing a process of series of short naps.

Our mind is always at work, always alert, even when we are sleeping. Something might have alerted the mind and I woke up all of a sudden just to see some one standing at the entrance of the dilapidated temple...  (from the previous part)

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Part 2 : Fear That comes from Darkness | Skandagiri Trek

Part 3 :

And there he stood, looking at me. I quickly jumped out of my 'floor bed' where I was sleeping and reached for the stick I kept nearby. But by that time, he already made a retreat and ran away from the temple. I first thought it was a fox, but it was just a dog.

Then I checked the time and it was around 5 in the morning. It was almost time for the Sun to rise. So I decided not to try to attempt to sleep again.

I just got out of the temple to see the morning view. The first light of hope was already out there, clearing away all the fearful thoughts.

skandagiri valley in the morning

skandagiri valley in the morning

Sooner the normal life started as usual in those villages and towns at a distance.

_skandagiri morning view

Skandagiri morning view

_skandagiri morning view

Skandagiri morning view

By that time, Sun also made the announcement of its arrival.

_skandagiri Sunrise around the corner

Skandagiri Sunrise around the corner

Skandagiri Sunrise

Skandagiri Sunrise

So after the 'almost sleepless night', there it was, the beautiful view, the daily miracles of life, the beautiful sunrise.

All ways lead to Sunrise

All the ways lead to Sunrise

It made me think.

"What if I didn't make the trip because I was scared. What if I didn't even start the trip because of the bad reviews and reports of the ban on night trek? What if I went back when I lost my way?"

"Will I still be enjoying this beautiful view, if I quit at any of those doubtful moments?"

Valley basking in the sunlight

Valley basking in the sunlight

So it was evident to me that all the good things are at the other end of fear, at the other end of our comfort zones.

And I felt happy that I was alive to witness seemingly simple thing like a sunrise.

A new day, a world of new possibilities.

And then I had a new friend too.

And there he was, my new friend

And there he was, my new friend

The same dog that appeared at the entrance of the temple.

He followed wherever I went. My trek wasn't a solo one any longer.

My new trekking partner

My new trekking partner

And this dog taught me that it is good to have a company and reminded me of a Christopher McCandless quote — 'Happiness only real when shared.'

With that changed perspective, I captured a hundreds of sunrise pictures in different perspectives.

Sunrise at skandagiri

Sunrise at skandagiri

Sunrise celebration

Sunrise experimentation

And I started to walk down along with my new friend. He showed me the right path this time. I simply had to follow. He waited for me whenever I stopped some place to take pictures.

On the way back from skandagiri

On the way back from skandagiri

And I reached the base pretty quickly as I was on the right path unlike the previous day.

My new friend left me before I reached the village area. I kept on walking through the villages enjoying the morning village visuals.

When I looked back : skandagiri

When I looked back : skandagiri

The day was just starting for many, in the village.

Lazy Morning

Lazy Morning

And the walk continued through the village roads with grape plants on both side.



And to make this travel memory sweeter, some random stranger ( a villager) offered me a ride on his motorbike to the town.

Altogether solo trekking to Skandagiri was a trip to remember.

And this time, the mountains taught me "all good things are at the other end of fear". The past lesson from the mountains was "Never Quit".  With those new and old lessons lingering in my mind, I was already planning another mountain trip.

PS : A fictional version of this journey can be found in one of the last chapters of "Journey Is My Path".

Written by : Trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.
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Superb work,photos and travel experiences,loved your new trekking partner,glad you shared your happiness with him/her 🙂

Alison and Don

I felt like I was there with you, and feeling the movement from fear to joy. I too become excited and full of joy when I've pushed past my comfort zone, past the fear, into a new place to discover the blessings on the other side.
Namaste, Alison


It was a wonderful read as always. You are becoming brave. It's good to know that the grapes are not sour after all lol. I really think u shud carry some basic camping gear w u at all times. a blanket n an inflatable mattress at the minimum n even a 1 person tent. good luck w ur future journeys 🙂


Skandagiri is one place I missed going to while in B'lore; had the opportunity twice, but somehow it didn't happen. Kudos to you for doing to alone. 🙂


Yes, many times.
Keep aside Nandi hills for the time being and consider hiking Savandurga hill; I remember how much I enjoyed it.


Quite an experience! A


Thanks for sharing your journey, Jithin. this part is wonderful : "all the good things are at the other end of fear".
So true. and beautiful sunrises.


It was really interesting to read of the solo trekking trip. I did feel I was reading your book and not a blog post all through parts 1 and 2 and I wondered. Then, I decided to wait for the conclusion. It was wonderful reading, once again and this time with lovely photos. 🙂

[…] (To be continued in Part 3 ) […]

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