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Blur is beautiful : Motion blur

slow shutter speed photography, motion blur, blur

May be you agree, may be you don’t.  But here I am again with Blur is Beautiful awareness campaign 😉

Some people creatively use this blur to give a sense of motion.  The possibilities offered by a DSLR or any other cameras with advanced controls are endless.  Shutter speed is the control you need to know to have fun with blur. Anyone wondering what is shutter speed?! Well I am self learned and I know how it feels when people talks photography through jargons. Sorry about that.

Shutter speed is the time gap in between the opening and closing of shutter, allowing light to pass through the shutter onto the camera sensor/film. Shutter is a mechanical device made of thin blades, having an electronic control (in DSLRs)

So if you are using a slower shutter speed it means light is falling onto the sensor for a longer time. That means camera captures all the motion conveyed through the light during that time gap.

slow shutter speed photography, motion blur, blur
Speeding Train

ISO 100, f/8, Shutter Speed 1/10

What do you think? The train is still or moving?! This is how we can convey the sense of motion with the help of ‘beautiful blur’ 😉

slow shutter speed photography, motion blur, blur
The speedy truck

ISO 800, f/3.5, Shutter Speed 1/10

This is a shot taken from the same train above. I love the Konkan train travel.

Hope you liked today’s blurry images.

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29 thoughts on “Blur is beautiful : Motion blur

  1. I hate it when even a self learned photographer explain things in jargons. Are you planning to include “how to” things along with “what is” things? You explained “what is shutter speed” so beautifully that I am ashamed to tell that I haven’t learned to control shutter speed yet. Are your posts meant only for already good photographers?

  2. how much of you was out of that speeding train while taking that photograph.. :O looks like someone is standing in the space b/w the train and the hill..

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