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Travel Theme : Altruism

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When life Gives you lemons..
When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons

Some times we might be bored with long travelling.

We  stay away from home, travelling to the main stream touristy places, click those usual picture with that monument, click some front cam selfies, try to push that building, try to pick up the dome of the beautiful architecture, try so many other trick photography items that are tried and tested by millions of others. And after doing all these things, at the end of the day we might be missing something.

We might be introspective about the trip. What was the purpose of this trip, what have I earned from the trip, I spend all the money and what have I gained from it?  Sometimes it is hard to find a purpose of our trips.

So here I have a meaningful suggestion for your next trip ( at least I believe so)

They say " travel is the only thing you buy makes you richer". I don't know who said that. But I have seen plenty of very appealing travel inspiration posters with these words written on them. And it does inspire me all the time.

Well how does travel makes you richer?! Maybe rich memories, rich stories, rich topics for a conversation, rich knowledge about cultures and places...

But I found another way to make travelling a rich experience. Maybe many of you are already doing it. But I have found it recently.

The idea is simple. We travel to some place, we offer our kindness to some random stranger. Make him/her happy.

Yes, do some 'random acts of kindness' trip.

Wherever you go, you are sure to find a 'fighter' who struggles to make a living, who is less fortunate than us.  Many of the things we take for granted are luxuries to others. So why don't we start helping the less fortunate people?

When life gives lemons to someone, let's go buy it, make lemonades and distribute to everyone! And let's make everyone happy.

So let's go to some place, maybe a one day trip or a weekend trip to some place. Pick someone who you think would become happier with your kindness. Some times even talking to them can make them happy. Other options are buying them a lunch, buying their entire lot they are trying to sell unsuccessfully, gifting them something. It is all up to you to decide, upon your creativity and kindness.

Let's plan our next trip and go buy some happiness.

It is also possible to mix the previous travel theme, which was fixed budget travel,  with this one. Make a fixed budget, altruistic travel! So I am again trying to  suggest a travel theme that is not heavy on your pockets.

Imagine, if every other traveler, travels like this and helps people all around the world, how better the world would be to live in! So lets share the love and make our travels, a truly  rich experience.



And thus travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you rich, and this time lets buy some happiness too along with it. Lets travel around the world, to make this a better place to live in.

Written by : Trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.
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Nasze życie to podróż.
Pozdrawiam. 🙂

Finding My Inner Zen

I love this quote: They say ” travel is the only thing you buy makes you richer“.

I actually never considered travelling to do good in the world...

You've definitely got some gears in my brain moving.

Finding My Inner Zen

Indeed. I actually sponsor a child through a small charity in Guatemala, and they offer the opportunity to go and visit, and share any skills that the villagers may find useful.

I'm not sure anyone would find marketing useful (ha-ha, my profession), but maybe just the experience of going and experiencing (and helping in some way), would be worthwhile.

rodi (Rob and Diane)

Excellent post and I wish more tourists with money would take some time to understand what the rest of the world is really about.


Hi I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you and keep inspiring. http://maverickbird.com/2014/12/18/i-am-touched/

Boho Hobo

Random acts of kindness 🙂 it makes the world go around!!! 🙂 lovely post!

Boho Hobo

🙂 I do try for sure!


That is a kind thought. My hubby always gives money to the poor on the street before we leave the city we travel.


One of the most profound blog I have read recently. Kudos!!


Wonderful image 😀


Hahaha I read it as well. But that image was very powerful. It says a lot...


Are you trained or an amateur??? All the images are real good.

What a great post! I never thought about it that way before, but I believe you a very right! Giving, is another way that travel can make you richer. Actually some of my best memories from my travels are from actually that! It is so true what you say about that many of the things we take for granted are luxuries to others.
Thank you so much for reminding me about this importance!

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