Story of a pair of hiking boots

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Reading Time: 8 minutes I was wearing my favorite boots ever. It has been with me during my mountaineering training, gone on a couple of Himalayan treks, protected me during the Nepal motorbike trip, and joined me to visit a few other countries. I kind of felt at home wearing these waterproof leather Quechua boots. This is the story of my beloved boots!

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How Couchsurfing/Traveling Has Helped Me Find India’s Best Travel Job

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Looking for travel job in India? “I’m so passionate about traveling. I was working as a manager at a firm after my MBA. Recently I have quit my job and looking for something exciting to do. How can I join you guys?” This was one of the many messages that I was reading. These kinds […]

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This Is How I Started Hunting for the Best Travel Job in the World | Metamorphosis from Marine Engineer to Travel Blogger

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Reading Time: 6 minutes That is me, holding the earmuffs and wearing my cleanest boiler suit, against the backdrop of I-don’t-remember-which-place-it-is! And that is how my life used to look like, before I decided to quit and started searching for the best travel job! My Life as a Marine Engineer Dirty, sweaty and noisy are a few of the […]

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