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Add Your Bucket List

Bucketlist , as you know is the list of things that you would like to do before a certain point in life,  either before 30, 50, 70 (or whatever the number says)  or before you die!

Why You should Write down your Bucketlist

They say that writing down your dreams has strange ways of becoming reality! When you write down your wish, your mind gets a concrete idea about what you want to achieve. Once the mind gets a clear picture, magic and miracle happen and the dream becomes a reality. So here is an opportunity  for all those who visits this page to write down your dream bucket list.

Trablogger's The Ultimate Travel Bucket List is here.Have you added yours yet

I want you, as you are visiting this  page, to write your wildest, craziest, most impractical dream and add them to the bucket list.

I am hoping to make this an ultimate bucket list! A never-ending bucket list. I am already compiling the Ultimate Travel bucket list. I hope you will also join me in this effort.

Please do share and comment below 🙂

Written by : Trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.

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how buy the photographs from your site?


[…] have been thinking about my own list and publishing it for a while now. Yesterday I stumbled upon Trablogger’s blog post about the ultimate Bucket List. We all have dreams, but how many of us settle for dreaming […]


[…] miettinyt omaa listaani ja sen julkaisemista jo pitkään. Eilen törmäsin Trabloggerin postaukseen kaikkien aikojen Bucket List -listasta. Kaikilla meillä on unelmia, mutta kuinka moni tyytyy […]


I've ticked quite a few off my bucket list. Venice, Paris, the Maldives but there are so many places still I'd love to see ... Canada, Lord Howe Island, even places still here in Australia, like the Kimberleys and the Red Centre. My urge to travel is huge, just need the time ... (and money) Still, I dream on.

Renee Lynn

Skydive/bungee jump. That's on top of the list. I want to do several others that means tackling my fears. Before I traveled to New York, that was actually on the top...I still want to visit again!

Miss Jose

Visit all the 7 continents , Do the Chadar trek, Do all the indian states, Learn photography, Volunteer for a couple of months in some part of the world and teach kids , Start a restaurant someday ( well i did start, but had to close down due to my relocation..hope to start again and never close down) , Do a full marathon and so on 🙂 the list is endless! Wow...i have so much to do 🙂

Darshith Badiyani

Hey Jithin. Can you send me the link for the eBook edition of your book or if possible mail me to darsh0000@gmail.com
I am not finding it. Thanks 🙂

Parneet @ TheEnchantedBook

Travelling all around Europe, and the world is first on my bucket list. I'd also like to learn a few more languages like Spanish and German. I currently only know English, Hindi and French 🙂 Are you from India? 🙂


My bucket list goals are to learn more about photography, buy a camera, get fit, graduate from nursing school, write a book/novel, and travel 🙂


Buy a camera
Travel to ancient cities and get dirty hiking
bungee jump
own the website of my dreams...

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