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One day, some one asked me, if she could buy a print of one particular picture. That made me think, and this page is the result.

Here in this Gallery, I am showcasing some of the better pictures I have. If anyone wants to buy a print, do let me know.

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Some of my favorite Clicks. Do Check the Gallery Below too. 🙂

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38 thoughts on “Gallery

    1. Thank you very much for going through my gallery. Sunsets and sunrises are some amazing view that we get to see everyday. I consider it as one of the daily miracles 😀 Why don’t you like them?

      1. I’m not saying I hate them, but sunrise/sunset pictures are so common, if you don’t mind my saying that. Someone once joked that the International Photography Day should be renamed the “Everyone click a sunset day”. 😀

  1. Great idea for the gallery page. Your pictures -are brilliant and capture the essence of your country. Have you thought of putting out picture postcards through the Tourist Board ?
    Calendar is beautiful. Congrats on your good work.

      1. You know how people love to pick up postcards of the places they visit. Well ..the interest is lower now that many TRY to take their own pictures with their phones, but it still is great to pick up a super postcard size picture with the town or country written across it.
        In Sri Lanka the Tourist Board ‘buys/gets’ pictures and prints the postcards which are sold at all hotels and at news stands etc .

        1. I will try to find out more about it in my place. Thank you very much for helping me out with this information 🙂 Really appreciate your kindness 🙂

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