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If you are wondering, if I didn’t have any better picture to post, I just want you to know that I am pretty lazy and all I care about is getting things done with least effort! Traveling has imparted a zen sort of state to me due to which I am a little too carefree and it might have affected my personal grooming as well. So this picture perfectly explains my imperfections!

Oh by the way, I forgot to introduce myself. I told you I am imperfect! From now on you can expect imperfect grammar and spelling too!

So in records my name is Jithin S, but I’ve been running this blog under the nick name Trablogger.

If you ask who is Trablogger..

Trablogger is an Indian travel blogger from Kerala, who got lucky to get a domain name Travel+Blogger= Trablogger! During the early days, I didn’t realise the numbers of travel bloggers out there and how lucky it is to get such a name even without trying!

Trablogger aka Jithin
Trablogger aka Jithin

Like many other decisions in my life, one day out of an impulse, I started a blog and named it “Trablogger”. That was a sunny day on 1st Sep. 2014. Lao Tzu helped me personally to create the first post!

How did the travel blogging journey start?

I quit my job, not to travel; just to quit my job! (unlike many others who quit their job to travel). You can read my story of how a marine engineer turned into a travel blogger, if you are interested.

I think it is quite a natural transition that when one loses direction, one starts to wander. Same happened with me too. I was wandering without direction; sad, broke, dejected, frustrated and what not.

And one day, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, that idea came! And one more travel blog was added to the ever increasing list!

Was the journey exciting?

I started this blog to share some of my travel memories along with a few pictures from my trips. It was an impulsive decision. Even the name was decided without much thinking!

After a few searches on ‘how to find a good blog name’, ‘which blogging platform to choose’ etc; was created.

First post was written by lending words from Lao Tzu. More travel related posts were created and I started getting encouraging comments. Then I got hooked.

I started to travel with an intention to capture and share the stories from the road, here. And I have fallen deeply in love with Visual Story Telling.

Any Regrets?

Regrets??! NO!! In fact I am grateful for the decision to start a travel blog! It took me to places that were not even in my wildest dreams.

After a year of blogging, I found myself writing a book based on my travel stories, life around me, philosophies I believe in and so on. Somehow I got it published. Well, I self published it. And it resulted into another side project called Jimpify Publishing.

On 1st of September 2015, I self published ‘Journey Is My Path‘, some sort of philosophical musing through my life journey.

"Journey is m path" paperback

How is the present Journey?

Now I am on a hunt to find the best travel job in the world. My most ideal way of life would sound like this. “I travel, I capture and I share it here on this blog to inspire others”.

Sounds cliché right? Because it is! 😉

Well I am planning to do something like that full time. Travel. Photograph. Write. Share. And Repeat. I am on a hunt to find a recipe for that. Sorta modern day alchemist 😉

It sounds like you were born Rich! Are you?

Haha. How I wish! It does need money, but traveling does not always require a lot of money. My desktop wallpaper says ‘Travel is never a matter of money, but a matter of courage’. So I travel with lesser money, at times even without money. And I travel out of my hard earned savings.

You might have heard, the best thing in life are free! Not all experiences are expensive! I live for newer experiences. I create memories from experiences and capture those memorable experiences to relive again.

That means you must be having a heavy camera. Yea?

Heavy? It is heavier than many compact cameras, but there are heavier cameras out there which  makes my camera quite light! My dream camera is quite heavy though!

Canon EOS 1100D is my constant Travel Companion since 2012, which helps me to take you for a virtual Photo walk. I bought it from my savings, once upon a time when I had a ‘proper job’!

Trablogger's first dslr selfie
Trablogger’s first dslr selfie back in 2012 😉

(I bought this camera in 2012 August and this is the camera I am still using as on 2018! Lenses : 50mm 1.8, 55-250mm and a faulty 18-55mm.)

So now you have an improper job?

I tried; not once or twice, more than that, to stay in a conventional job. But I couldn’t. So now I do non-conventional jobs so that I can eat, have a shelter, travel and do the things that I like.

Since travel can’t be taken away from me, I am trying to work in the travel industry itself. At times I design tours, at times I  run tours, at times I do social media works for others, at times I do photo walks and so on. I told you, I am on a hunt to find the best travel job in the world!

Photo walk sounds cool!

Yes, that is what I used to do here in this blog too, to take the readers for a virtual photowalk through my pictures and words. So want to go for a photo walk to Ghost town of Dhanushkodi or through the curvalicious roads of Kerala?

Best part is that it won’t cost you anything. I do understand the role of MONEY in our travels and I am more of an economical or rather a “cheap” traveler. I travel on thinner than shoe string budgets.

This is how I spent as low as $2 or 100 rupees per day for a beach facing stay, read the story here : Secrets of Murudeshwar.

That is cheap! How do you travel so cheap?

I  tried hitch hiking, couchsurfing, ate street food, slept in tents, took heavily crowded trains, traveled in general compartment on trains for 24 hours or more. And through these experiences I have learned a few ways of creating a better travel experience with lesser cost.

So here I will share with you those secrets that might make you understand that Travel is never a matter of money, but a matter of courage. I will also share the lessons that I will learn during my hunt for the best travel job in the world!

Hunt for the Best Travel Job in the world! Sounds cool!

Travel jobs always sound cool! I’ve been trying out a few of them over these years. I’ve been interacting with many inspiring travelers as well. My learning from my own experiences and from other fellow traveler’s stories will be shared here to inspire you. Stay tuned for my new blog posts!

So what is next?

If you are still reading this, I need you here. It wont be difficult to find a way to follow my blog, just saying 😉

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Do you have more questions? Have any suggestions? Feedback? Leave a hi, I would love to talk to you.

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John and Susan Pazera

Nice blog site!

Rahil khan
Rahil khan

I need postcards from Kerala whole only


This is really great. From a Marine Engineer to Travel blogger. Way to go !


I enjoyed reading you before and I look forward to more!


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Hey 🙂 I found you through your Mundane Monday Challenge — cool idea, I might give it a try…I loved looking through your People & Jobs series, it’s super fun and interesting. Also interesting how your journey has evolved.