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Why you should travel on this valentine's day

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Valentine's day has been associated with romantic love since 14th century, if you decide to read upon the history of Valentine's day. Flowers, sweets and cards joined the party by 18th century. Probably from that point onwards, giving gifts to loved ones has become an integral part of Valentines day.   On this occasion of […]

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Enhancing the Lost Beauty of Our Travel Destinations

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Reading Time: 3 minutes   “Coming weekend when I get to the base, I will most probably be doing Stok Kangri,” he said. “You are one lucky officer to get posted in such a cool place,” I commented. It was during one of my mountain trips that I met this army officer. And the conversations that ensued were very […]

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Thoughts on having a blind date with the world : #TheBlindList

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Reading Time: 4 minutes When I first came across the concept of the blind list, the first thought that crossed my mind was reading "The Tao of Travel: Enlightenment from Lives on the Road" by Paul Theroux. In this enriching and delightful read, Paul Theroux talks about brilliant travel writers who went on various journeys in search of something […]

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My First #Book and My First Year of #Blogging

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Reading Time: 9 minutes I can't even believe that it's been a year. On the first day of Sunny September, out of an impulse I created a WordPress blog. I don't remember  from where I got the inspiration, but somehow the name "Trablogger" came to my mind and fortunately it was available. And thus I took my first step. When […]

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A Quick Question : Why Don't You Travel?

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Reading Time: < 1 minute I assure you, it wont take too much time. I have a quick question. Just spend a couple of minutes to reply. I want to find out what is the biggest reason why people are not travelling as much as they want? In reality everyone likes to travel. But some reasons are holding them back. […]

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An Evening Thought on June 15th : World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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Reading Time: 3 minutes We all love evenings and Sunsets. But what if one day when we are not sure whether the sun will come back or not the next day, Will you still love the evenings and sunsets? Here I am talking about the evenings in one's life. Old age. The illusion that we created, called as time […]

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An open letter to a Kind Blogger

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Reading Time: 4 minutes      Date : 30.10.2014 Place : Chennai, India Dear Kind blogger, Thank you for all the kindness you showered upon me. It my pleasure to meet you in real and to be able to enjoy the generous hospitality you have offered me without a second thought. I must admit that I am really overwhelmed by the […]

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The Pseudo Meta Reality

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Reading Time: 2 minutes This is some thoughts that I scribbled in my travel journal. It was inspired and happened when I was in Sadhana forest. Someone wanted me to post it here. As I am winding up the Auroville and Sadhana forest travel diary, I am posting this now. "There is a reality that really exists which is […]

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Picture Critique

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Reading Time: < 1 minute If anyone is looking for a professional feedback on any of your picture, you can check out this blog. I am amazed at the detailed feedback I got for one of my pictures. Here is the link Picture Critique  

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