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Why travelling is so much fun in Kerala

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This is the continuation to my previous post  #KeralaMillionReasons.

In this post I am going to share my views on travelling by road and how it can be a fun experience.

Driving through beautiful Munnar
Driving through beautiful Munnar

Where else can you drive enjoying such beautiful scenery?

The amazing roads through tea estates are some experience. The hair pin bends and steep roads are a wonderful challenge to those who love to drive. This stunning scenery just add to the whole experience.

The amazing Thamarassery churam
The amazing Thamarassery churam

Where else can you practice your driving skills more extremely in foggy days and in rains?

This is one classic view of Thamarassery churam. Wiki says “The Thamarassery Churam, a hill highway with several hairpin bends which offers a scenic drive”. Click here to read more on Wiki

Bus rides to Remember
Bus rides to Remember

Certain bus rides gives you an unforgettable memories. If you read it with a tinge of sarcasm, it is still fine 😉 If you can find a front row seat in KSRTC bus that services between some hill station and nearest town, it will be a great experience. If it is during rainy season the better. That time only front windows will offer you any view if it is raining heavily outside. It will be like watching a road movie looking through the front glass into the beautiful green scenery that runs behind you as you move forward!

Terrific traffic
Terrific traffic

If you are preparing to be a hardcore driver or rider, this is the place. The roads and traffic will prepare you to drive or ride in any terrains in any weather conditions 😉 Anyway I can tell with much confidence that this people can drive almost anywhere and vice versa cannot be true always!

Boat rides
Boat rides

its not only the road traffic, boat rides can be fun too. Many people are opting for house boat. But a boat small like this can also offer you an authentic Kerala experience and it can be way cheaper than that of house boat rides.

So Kerala offers so much fun in travelling across the state even if it is by road or on a boat!

All pictures are taken by Trablogger. Please contact for approval, if you would like to use them for any purpose.

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

28 thoughts on “Why travelling is so much fun in Kerala

  1. When I think of driving in India I recall a viral video that I saw on Facebook about crazy drivers all dodging each other like a game of Frogger; or perhaps an episode of The Amazing Race (my all time favorite show in TV). Don’t think I’d ever get used to driving there but it looks like fun trying !!

  2. That road there is beautifully creepy, ahaha. It must be one heck of a ride going down that road, especially in the rain! Tea gardens really are beautiful, aren’t they? I visited the tea-hillsides of sylhet, bangladesh a few years back, and I remember them crystal clear 🙂 is that a noka? I don’t know what you call them there, but they’re definitely an experience worth remembering! Very different from the ferries I’m used to, ahaha. Caught perfectly on camera once again 😀

    1. Haha..creepy?! I call it super fun road 😀 Going up is the challenging part though. Many less experienced drivers avoid driving this way!
      Indeed tea gardens are beautiful, no matter where it is.
      And It is just a small boat. I don’t know what is ‘Noka’. There is a word called ‘Nauka’ for boat, which no one really use usually. Maybe they have some connections.

      1. I can definitely see why they’d avoid it! I’d rather walk that try drive that, ahaha!
        Yeah, probably nauka then 😛 if it’s paddled.. There’s just something so fantasy-like to be paddled down a river on a small wooden boat! 🙂 You just don’t find that stuff in the metropolitan world 🙁

        1. haha.. grass on the other side is always greener 😀 You can find other fancy stuffs in metropolitan areas. Anyway do visit here if you want to paddle or peddle a boat 🙂

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