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War of Gods : Lets prepare for The war | Theyyam begins

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Those who have never heard the word  Theyyam must be wondering about it. So lets begin with Theyyam.

Theyyam is basically a ritual in which the performer assumes the roles of characters from epics. Basically its an art form of worshipping the Gods. This form of worshipping can be seen mainly in Malabar or the  Northern side of Kerala which is at the southern side of India.

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Getting Blessings

People consider the performer of Theyyam as God. People gather to seek blessings from their Gods during the festival time. Usually these festivals fall in the month of January , February and somewhere around these months.

The place where theyyam performance takes place is called Kavu, which is similar to a small Shrine. This particular Kavu where  we are going is known as Andalur Kavu. In Andalurkavu, the annual festival time is in the month of February.

The main deity of Andalurkavu is Sri Rama. As I already mentioned in previous post, our story is going to be from Ramayana.  The word Ramayana came from two words, Rama and Ayana, which means Rama's Travels. So after all I am going to tell you another travel story. The travelogue of Rama!!

Ramayana has been divided into many sections, called as Kanda. Our war story is taken from Yudha kanda. The Gods, the performers will visualise and perform a part of Yudha kanda through their divine dance.

theyyam, thira, malabar, folklore. culture, kavu, andalur kavu, bali, sugrivan

A sneak peek into the divine dance

Here the story going to be visualised is the war between Vali and Sugriv taken from Yudha kanda of Ramayana.

Who is Vali? Who is Sugriv? Why they are fighting? Stay tuned.

In the mean time, In case you want to know more about


Andalur kavu


click on the links to read.


( Next Post : Vali Arrives )

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Written by : trablogger
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