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Travel & Technology : Tips & Tricks

Travel & Technology : Travel the world

Technology has changed the way we travel these days. Technology is so advanced that we don’t even have to leave our homes for seeing the world out there.  If you haven’t visited Taj Mahal, just click on this link and you can take a stroll around and inside Taj Mahal. No need to wait in the long queues and all. Now that is technology for you.

Well I am not going to tell about the armchair travels. You can very well do that with Google maps and Google street view for free. I am going to share with you, the few tips and tricks I used during my previous trekking. Probably you must be knowing these tips, but anyway I will share my experience.

My Trekking Essentials

Small Back pack which by default includes Camera, lenses and bottled water. And the next essential thing is my Android Phone.

If you have travelled in India, you must be knowing one needs to know a couple of languages for communicating with the locals. You cannot expect to communicate in Hindi or English when you are really deep inside some Southern Indian villages.

During such times, an android phone with a Google maps and Internet connection can be your best friend. So I always travel with my reliable friend Google maps. But then comes the big problem. Draining of Battery!

So here I am going to tell you how I saved my battery for 24 hours during a trekking.

How to Save your Battery charge While Trekking?

Mostly I use the maps for walking directions. For that I need to access Mobile data and GPS.

GPS & Mobile data
GPS & Mobile data

Both of them are notorious for their energy draining capabilities. And to make things worse, my phone is 2 year old.

So lets check the tips without wasting time.

Tip #1 : Try to load the Map before hand when you have wifi or when you are charging the phone. And save the map for offline use.

Tip #2 : If you want to use Online map, turn on the Mobile data and GPS and once the map is loaded, quickly turn off the mobile data.

Tip #3 :  When you are not checking the Navigation, turn off the screen.  Also keep the screen brightness to a minimum if possible.

Tip #4 : While travelling, when maps are no longer needed, keep the phone in Flight mode. If you want to switch off, its better.

There is another problem when we are using the Mobile data.

The Apps running in the Background!

Once you turn on the mobile data, all those apps running in the background would start to seek for it’s updates, new messages and so on. It consumes both your battery charge and mobile data. During a trekking trip such an energy loss is a big loss unless you have a powerpack with you.

Tip #5 : Turn off the Apps running  in the background.

How to turn off Apps running in the Background?

> Go to Settings

Settings Page
Settings Page

> You can check which App is consuming more battery power from “Battery”

> Go to “Application Manager”

> Select those Apps which always give you Notifications, once you turn on the Mobile Data/ WiFi

My Instagram
My Instagram

For eg. My instagram gives the notification while I turn on the internet. So I want to turn it off.

> Tap on the “Force Stop”

It gives a warning message. But don’t worry.  Nothing will go wrong.

Warning Message
Warning Message

> Click “OK”

Now you have successfully turned off the App from running in the background. Repeat the same steps with other Apps too.

When you want to Enable it again, just go to the App and use it as usual. The notifications will be enabled again.

Hope this will save your battery during your next trip.

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

26 thoughts on “Travel & Technology : Tips & Tricks

  1. Nice tips…so your a solitary traveller(: … true with technology, vacationing is become easier for booking hotels and knowing before hand what to visit in a place…so makes things convenient and safer for lady travellers… yes trekking is adventurous travel… I have none of those equipments yet):… and not much of a smart phone google creature… anyway will try to use that and tips on saving battery will come in handy…

    1. Of course, most of the time I am a solo traveller. It is better that way. 😉
      Yes, technology has made travel and life easier. Let me know if your battery runs longer these days 😉

  2. Thanks for the tips! Yes, those apps are draining the batteries..I have powerpack as well just in case, but your tips also excellent to reduce the overuse of mobilephone batteries..

  3. Great tips! 🙂 The battery on my Samsung lasts quite well. A few weeks back I downloaded an app that was built to optimize your phone to save battery, but it ended up driving my battery low a lot faster than without the app. Luckily it was a free one, got rid of that very quickly! 😀

    1. Mine is also Samsung. It started to drain faster these days.
      Well I can understand your situation. These apps can be funny at times! Hope It is running fine now 😀

          1. Glad to know that you checked it out and enjoyed it. Yes, the queue is always long! 😉 But I have never visited (because of the long queue 😛 )

          2. what a lame excuse!! 😀 😀 you have to be there the latest at 6AM, wait a little bit and then’ll thank me;)
            Tell you what, I never visited the Eiffel Tower. I feel it is “here”, it’s been sitting here for so long, I ‘ll do it later.. That’s why foreign tourists who don’t spend as much time in our countries as we do will always know them better than us. THey see it all, at least the major sites, I am always so surprised to hear foreigners who have been to Paris knowing so many places inside and outside the city!

          3. haha.. latest by 6am! Thank you for the information 😉
            Yes I can understand. I learned a lot about many places in India through the tourists I met 😀 They seem to know more about indian culture and spirituality. And just like you, I am amazed at their knowledge.

  4. Powerpacks are cheap these days, you can get a 10,000 mAH one for about 1k, that should be able to charge the average phone battery (2-2500 mAH) thrice at least.

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