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Travel Diary | Day 13 : The Botanical Garden Day

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[ 19.10.2014 [ Sunday ]

Lazy Sunday morning, no early wake up calls, no sevas, late breakfast and of course planning to go out for lunch. Today's plan was to visit a Botanical garden nearby. After the breakfast and meeting some friends our plans changed. So we went to catch up with some more friends for lunch. It was a very interesting conversations happened during the lunch; it started from veganism and reached till Osho!

After the lunch, it was sort of late to visit the botanical garden. Anyway we decided to visit the place. After exploring some mud roads, finally we found out the entrance to the place. As it was a Sunday and it was around 4 in the evening, we couldn't find anyone in that place. So we intruded and explored the place.

Game of thorns ;)

Game of thorns 😉

The best thing happened at this place was, we got to see a lot of butterflies!

The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect

And some more greenery

The drops of water

The drops of water

Grass on the other side is greener

Grass on the other side looks greener

And the entire place was for ourselves. A deserted botanical garden.

The path to nature

The path to nature

I think we missed the better part of the garden due to lack of guidance. So we came back a little disappointed.

There was a meeting at Sadhana at 7 after the dinner. It was the usual Sunday meeting. And every volunteers were supposed to attend it.  So we reached Sadhana before 6 and had dinner. The meeting started after the dinner. In that meeting community shifts for the week were allotted to different volunteers. And some community announcements were made. And later the night, there wasn't anything very interesting. After a few conversations, I went to sleep. Goodnight to one more day at Sadhana.

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Written by : Trablogger
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[…] Travel Diary | Day 13 : The Botanical Garden Day […]


Beautiful! I love the top two especially. 🙂

Soul n Spirit

Beauty all around..... still disappointed? expecting too much from life, huh? Nice to catch up again with your diary. 🙂

Soul n Spirit

Nice to catch up again and read about your experiences. 🙂

Love the water droplets on the plant!


I also found the photograph very nice.


its always amusing to check later, the track a conversation takes... 🙂


That little butterfly just blends right in to the plant it's resting on. So beautiful and peaceful. I love it!

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