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The Photographer : The instagram connection

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A picture from my Instagram

The photographer! Photography is passion, a spiritual journey, a hobby, a way of living, a way to make a living.. it means different things to different people. Technology has made it so simple and economical that everyone has become a photographer. Gone are the days when you wait for the entire roll to finish and again wait to get it developed to see the results. Now everything is instant. Instant review and instant instagram. And thus.. Moments are frozen by millions and some freeze the moment frozen by others 😉 Didn't you see the above picture

From my Personal Instagram collection.

(Trying to experiment with embedding Instagram posts )

Written by : Trablogger
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That photo is more clear than yours 😛


oh yeah rite.. 🙂 what is that photo of btw?


mm..seems like some south indian festivity celebrations...am I right?


oh cmon...some details of the festival please.. 🙂 and what I want to do is buy a cheese berger and have a cadbury...can't do that 🙁


ok post is coming...then fine..how should I know that 😛
and yes those are two of my favourite banned foods..


Diet.. 🙁


very funny.. 😀 three years back approx.


Cheese and chocolates 😀


yeah rite.. enough of this joking now...getting bk to work and will be waiting for that post.. 🙂


'Work' means I am actually working Mr. 🙂 chalo c ya

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