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The 100th Post!

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Posted On : November 25, 2014
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I know I am not very good with my words. I am not good with re-reading and correcting the mistakes. I skip words in between. I don't really  organise my thoughts before writing a post. Amidst all these drawbacks, you wonderful people supported me and bear with me till date, till this 100th post! I am so thankful to each one of you, who supported me so far. It is your support that keeps me going.

So this is going to be thanking post, with loads of links to those people who supported me.  Forgive me if I miss any names. Because I tend to do mistakes all the time! 😀

My heartfelt thanks goes to..

Opinionated man who once decided to give me an instant boost in views by reblogging my post when I  had just started my blog.

Optimistic kid for being my early follower, I think the first one!

Aruna who overwhelmed me with 'the inspiring blogger award'

Agent Zee for enlightening me with her #light-hearted comments

a regular indian girl who agreed to give me a tour guide's post

Carl who inspirers with his posts and comments every time

Cheefhobo for offering me his hospitality and trusting me with his house keys, while I was travelling

for nominating me for award and stay in touch

Estelea for the comment conversations

Gill who actively supports when around

Indah for carefully reading my travel memories

Latasun for her random acts of kindness in the comment section

Lucile for those interesting conversations

Mauvora who first nominated me for an award

Mel the first to add bucket list and supported me all the way

Priyanka for inspiring me to explore more of India

Poodle for supporting all the time; who isn't blogging now I guess

Perelincolours for inspiring me to visit Antarctica

Rashmi  whom I envy for visiting North East India

Rose Red who wanted to buy my pictures

Sayali who always tops with the most number of comments

Shooting star who always observes more and finds a new perspective

Sweety Kannoth who comments, likes and give awards at times

Sucheta the scribbler who happily scribbles in my comment box

Somni vision for advising me on the design of my blog

The failing adult the doc who is busy at present

Tidlidim for the early support during blogging 101 days

Upasana for the idea of working together as travel bloggers

wandering story teller for finding new nicks  with each comments

Thank you so much everyone.

Well now I would like to share  some interesting Reads:

Autowire for those who are passionate about Automobiles

Lipuster for amazing illustrations and animations

Tanvi Kusum for brilliant writing to find an Escape

Ivy Mosquito for answering some bubbly questions about yourself

Travel :

Abhi is not home for his inspiring 365 days of Bike trip

Himanshu for some self drive trip through mesmerizing India

Gypsy in jeans for interesting travel stories driven by curiosity

wise monkeys abroad for some inspiring travel stories

quirky wanderer : For some interesting travel pictures and stories

Photography :

Uthamz for some breath-taking pictures

keep picturing : For some amazingly creative snaps

That is all for now.  If any link is not working , if I you think I missed any names or if there is any mistakes, please let me know. I will correct it real soon.  Thanks again all the amazing people, especially you  who is reading this now.  🙂

thank you, gratitude, photography

Thank you very much for all the love, affection and support

Written by : Trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.

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[…] in Nov. 2014, when I reached my 100th post, I thanked all the people who were encouraging me that time. When I checked that post, most of them […]

Rose Red

Thank you for mentioning me on your blog. I see that you have many friends here, mostly women! Good luck on the next 100.

Optimistic Kid

haha nice. Thanks for the mention good sir. I'll be here until the end 😀


I find it so cool when I see known names in this kind of posts... I guess one find their own 😀
Thanks for the mention 🙂


Your #Comment truly cracked me up 😀 #HashTagBuddies lol Thank you for being #SuperKind with the mention 😀

Many heartiest congrats Jithin, on this another milestone of blogging world. May you and your blog prosper always 😉 <3


What a lovely giving of thanks. And congratulations! 🙂


Congratulations dear for the "Century".
Hope it's not too late to wish.


Thank you Jithin!
Much love
Hope you reach your 1000th post soon:)


hey jithin
First of all congratulations on completing your 100th post...and wish you many many more on your wonderful blog...
Secondly...thank you so much for the mention ! it means a lot...
thirdly..I would like to show the same gratitude towards your for your hearty and humor infused comments ,likes and for your travel inspiring photographs...'THANK YOU' 😀

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