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Stories of My Journeys : This Too Shall Pass

Published on : March 12, 2018 
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Every journey starts at some point. Even our life journey has started at some point and we call it birthday. But unlike birthday, it will be very hard for most of us to recollect our first journey, at least I believe so. Correct me if you prefer to differ.

My First Ever Journey

I was thinking about my first ever journey and I couldn't figure it out. I could remember the short trips to the city I had done as a kid, sitting squeezed in between mom and dad on a scooter.

I also remember losing my favorite shoes during one such journey!

It was night and I was dozing off at the 'cozy in between spot' and by the time we reached home,  I didn't have the shoes. Guess what, I was sad for many days after that incident!

A couple of years after, I got promoted and I was standing/sitting just in front of the seat of our LML Vespa. I could see the roads and traffic better, honk the horn when needed and thus I indirectly learned some of the first lessons of riding in the busy streets of India.

The Two Hour Bus Ride

Still the memory of my first ever trip eludes me. But when I think about my childhood journeys, first memory that comes to my mind is the two very long hours of bus ride that we used to take during my summer vacations.

It took almost two hours, at times more and involved changing a couple of buses on the way. It was sort of a regular yearly ritual, to visit one of our relative's house. Two hours ride was a very difficult one, especially when you have motion sickness!

I used to get the problems of motion sickness whenever I took a long bus ride. Two hours was indeed very long for me. As soon as the bus would start to move, my mind would also start to think about the possibility of vomiting at any given time in the future. I would lay down on the lap of my mom, try to distract myself by looking outside, smell a lemon without much use. While doing all these, I would be clenching a plastic carry bag close to me. Just in case during emergency, you know!

The Life Lessons

The emergency had arisen quite a few times, but not always. Majority of the time I could save myself from getting into troubles, somehow! But the most interesting part for me was that somehow I knew that "this too shall pass"! I understood that it was just a matter of time and almost at the end of two hours, it would also end! I could hold onto that hopeful thinking!

Probably I understood the bigger philosophical meaning behind that concept after a few more years. But what surprises me is that I was learning from those journeys. It is fascinating to me to realize that even without my knowledge, I was learning something, a basic truth, a truth many people would have hard time digesting especially during hard times!

"This Too Shall Pass"

Do you remember your first ever journey?!

Written by : Trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.
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