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Flash Fiction Chain #2

Flash fiction #2


Flash fiction #2
Flash fiction #2

Are you ready to join the flash fiction challenge?

Basically it is going to be a chain of short fiction story starting from the  story evolving from this picture. Later the first author can challenge anyone to continue from where the first story ended.

If a lot of people are joining maybe we can even publish a book! 😉

So if you are interested let me know.

One and only rule : Try to make it as positive as possible 😀 We have enough of sad stories all around us.


Updates :


Part 1 :  Written by Fiction Limbo

Part 2 : Written by RoseRed

Part 3 : Written by Sweety Kannoth

Part 4 : Written by Soul n Spirit

Part 5 : Written by I-read

Part 6 : Written by Saya

Part 7 : Written by James

Part 8

As consciousness came back to James, as his faded vision became vivid again, he looked around searching for his soul mate.


“where is Tracy? ” He asked without even knowing if anyone was there to answer.


“She is fine, and your kids too”

A voice answered. It was coming from behind the instrument panel which made frequent beeping noises.


“Uncle Mark? What happened to me?! Where is Tracy? Where are my kids? Are they fine?” The weak voice struggled hard to complete those questions.


“Relax son. They are fine. Now you are fine too. You will be back to your normal health real soon”


“What happened to me, i cant remember anything really! ”


“Oh,its nothing. Some crazy son of a gun started a gun fight in the streets, tried to kill a girl who looked like his girlfriend. Unfortunately you were also there at that time, and two bullets went inside you!” Uncle Mark tried to sound as casual as he could.


“Yes, i can remember the pain, the blood, then Tracy and my kids!! How is she? Is she alright?” James asked again worrying about Tracy and kids.


“Yes, they are alright son. They are doing good. As she is already tired and on compulsory bed rest, i didnt tell here anything yet. She and kids are fine. I told her that you went for the job thing as you were asked to join immediately. She asked a lot of questions, but some how i managed”


“Thank you Uncle Mark, You are so nice to me”


“Oh C’mon Jimmy, dont start it now. Well i want you to meet someone”


“who? ”


“Wait I will call him, He is waiting outside”


James was thinking who it could be. Maybe friends? Maybe Tracy? And then he started thinking about Tracy and he realised how deep was his love towards her. When his entire life flashed in front of his eyes at that fateful moment, it was all about her. He could still feel the excitement when their eyes first met. He could still hear her laughing after that sprint from the bullying guys. He could still smell the lucky courage flowers that she gave him as the first gift.


A sudden Hi from the stranger brought James back to the real world.


There stood a wealthy man in his late forties, beside uncle Mark.


Uncle Mark introduced him to James.


“James, meet Mr. Gonzalves. He is from South California. He wants to thank you”


“Thank me? Thank me for what??” James asked with confusion


“You saved my son” The man interrupted uncle Mark before he could answer.


James was still looking at him with confusion.


He continued. ” On that cursed day, we , my son and I were also there on that street. I went inside the corner shop for a minute and my son insisted that he wanted to play with his skate board on the street. When i went inside the shop, I heard the gun firing and rushed to the street. And I saw my Danny was standing right behind you. You saved Danny, You saved my son. God sent you to save my son. Sorry sorry. I didn’t mean to say that!! But it is because of you my son is still alive. And i am really sorry for what has happened to you. So i want to do something for you as my gratitude. I know, nothing would be equal to my son’s life. But i really want to do something for you. Mark told me everything about you. And i am here with a good news for you. ”

He paused for a bit and continued “I am running a chain of restaurants in South Cali. Will you be able to take care of one of those, as soon as you get better?!” Gonzalves looked at James with a grateful smile on his face.


James felt that he was dreaming. But the constant beep sounds and slight pain near his chest made him realise that it was all real. He couldn’t control his happiness.


“God is great. I cursed him whenever I came back to consciousness and asked why me! And then again I prayed to him to make everything alright. Now I know, he heard my prayers. ”


Tears rolled down from James’ eyes.


“Well do you know where is the store’s location? ” asked Gonsalves playfully


“No, where is it?”


“It is inside Disney Land! ”


“Your kids are really Lucky Jimmy!” Added Uncle Mark


“Yes they are really lucky” Gonsalves said smilingly.

Gonsalves continued ” These two days, I was waiting for you, to talk to you and to thank you. So i am going back Cali now. I need to do so many things. I need to arrange a new house for you, Tracy and your kids. And also dont worry about uncle’s Mark’s house. That is also taken care. So you take rest. We will meet soon in Cali.”


Gonsalves left the room. Uncle Mark accompanied him.


No pain could harm James at that time. He thanked God. He thanked Uncle Mark. He thanked his lucky stars. He felt like going and seeing Tracy. He was in absolute happiness. He even felt that he could smell the Lucky courage flowers.


He was yet to discover that his new home in South Cali got a big Lucky courage flower tree in its garden!


The End

A new Chain will start on Monday. Join Now

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208 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Chain #2

    1. Yes, I had to write as I couldn’t find anyone and I had to finish it today, so that we can start one tomorrow. Thank you for the encouragement. Now I can understand the effort that you guys are putting in 🙂

      1. Haha but it seems you were effotlessly penning down the thoughts. I m praying that no sudden commitments should come my way on Monday. Byw its my b’day on Monday. I will try to complete it on that day only. If not then Tue. 🙂

        1. Happy birthday in advance. Or I can wait for a couple of hours to wish you and be the first one to wish 😀
          Don’t worry. Check your twitter DM now, I already made things easy for you 🙂 Consider as my birthday gift 😉

    1. Hey. Just read it. You put in a lot of efforts always! Nice story.
      But we have a small issue !! There is an issue with the grandpa!! We can sort it out!

      1. Actually I read the unedited version Sweety’s version. No problem I will edit it soon. I have just come back from ladies meet and going to another event. I will edit it once back. Can’t do it on my phone.

  1. ****eyes still wide open**** waiting for the second writer to continue from where i stopped… Followers are beginning to ask for the continuation link on my blog! 🙂

    1. You have quite active followers!! 🙂
      Well it will take some time. Different time zones, people are with different commitments.
      Next time we can plan better 🙂

          1. Hi, I sent replies, don’t know if you got them, network is pretty shitty here, I’m done with the story, since part 2 is out already, I guess it won’t be necessary. But anyway, let me in on the latest. Thanks.

          2. OH!! That is good. I never received any replies!! So do you have a part 2 with you?! May be I can start a new chain parallel if you don’t want to write a new one 🙂

          3. so sorry, the network issues in Nigeria is crazy. I have it here, but also do not mind starting a new one if you want. At least I got a stable network now, so no problem with working right away

          4. Well we have a small issue regarding the story line. A small misunderstanding in the story line. So I am waiting for the author to edit the last part.
            Maybe you can post this part in your blog and challenge any of your follower to continue the chain. What do you think about that one?

          5. But be prepared.. if I didn’t get a reply from the other person, you can start working on part 5 in half an hour. 🙂 Can you do it?

          6. Yea, the issue is Grandpa. He has already left this world. But somehow managed to appear in #3 (already corrected ) and & #4 parts 😀 Now waiting for #4 to correct 🙂

          7. I guess editing part 2 is of now use now! Sorry to say that. But anyway you can post it as an independent story in your blog and challenge someone to make a chain if you wish to do. Otherwise by this time, tomorrow you will be able to write your version( after taking account of your time zone and ours 🙂 ) Will that be okay with you?!

    1. Wow..awesome. I am going to line you up as the 4th person in the chain. Some one is already continuing after Fiction Limbo. 🙂 I will let you know once they are done 🙂 Sorry for the delay 🙂 And thank you for participating 🙂

          1. From where fiction stopped his story. A continuation related to that picture. You can go in any direction you want. Try to keep the story a positive one. Tag the picture when posting so that I can keep track. Any questions?

          2. Hey there. Have you done the part2 yet? One version of Part2 is out. If you have already started working on Part 2 I can add two versions of part 2 and make it interesting.
            If you haven’t started yet, please let me know so that we can work on a different part 🙂
            Thank you for your reply

  2. For sometime, James and Tracy had been riding smoothly home on James’ inherited motor bike. It was the only thing grandpa Thomas left behind and James was treating it like a diamond gem! Taking care of every part the same way he did when grandpa was alive. “O my!” Tracy screamed, calling James’ attention, “look at that!” James slowed down, and saw it…the perfect flower! The same flower that beautified the range park garden the night he asked her to marry him. (Someone else should continue 🙂 )

    1. Awesome. You can use the picture in your post. Tag this post and ping back once you are finished 🙂 I am excited to see the result 🙂 Lets get started 🙂

        1. Alright. Maybe you can take it up at the end when there isn’t any more people left to continue. You will have more time till your ‘fiction brain’ becomes active 😉

          1. So this is time. I am waiting for your response. Will you do the honour of writing the last part?! By Sunday?! I hope you will do it as promised 😉 😀

          2. ngee ngee… :'( I haven’t yet gone through the posts as well. Just scanned quickly. Tommorrow will go through them in detail though. Why don’t you write the last part? I am sure you will do a wonderful job 🙂

          1. Uh..Ahemm… Is it ok if I do it tomorrow…? This one will take some time framing 😉 If anyone is willing to do it right away ,they can go ahead…will follow…whichever is best !!

  3. The idea sound awesome !!! I wish I could but I could never write a fiction in my life,the imagination draws a blank 🙁 I write from what I have experienced …. But I would love to see how this starts, 😀 so from this picture every one who participates will writ ea full story or a bit of it before someone else continues ? I am already rummaging my brains, I do want to try 🙁

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