The over exposed little mermaid

Over exposed Mermaid in Disney Land

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Wednesday Disney #9

And I came out of the Small world after the happiest cruise around the world. There she came.

the little mermaid
the little mermaid

She was “over exposed” and I couldn’t handle it.

The over exposed  little mermaid
The over exposed little mermaid

My camera couldn’t handle it too after the ‘darker’ small world journey

Anyway a glimpse of The over exposed  little mermaid itself is great
Anyway a glimpse of The over exposed little mermaid itself is great

Well, now lets do see Mickey mouse

The cute little mickey mouse
The cute little mickey mouse

Someday in the past  We couldn’t even imagine a mouse can be this cute! Now there is a town in his name.

Welcome to Toon Town
Welcome to Toon Town

Mickey’s Toon Town.

Toon Town
Toon Town

Lets go to the Disney’s Railroad and explore the fantasy land, in the next post. Stay “tooned”  😉

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The over-exposed shots have a very cool quality to them!! I like them as they are. Seems other worldly or something


It looks like you over-worked your Canon 😀 Glad it didn’t miss capturing the lovely, beautiful… smiles!!


Did you faint a little when you see that over exposed mermaid? lol 😛 It’s a lovely virtual tour BTW 😉

Fimnora Westcaw

Actually that over exposure made the mermaids look like paintings! A very interesting side effect. 🙂

I LOVE that Mickey has his own town 😀


Mickey mouse …..the only mouse am not phobic too! Am tooned in by the way !


I’d say over-bright but super cute 😉


So, the mermaid tells me what is called over exposed. Lots of photos I take are that way 🙂 But she is beautiful in her bold colours.


Your wednesday posts make me want to fly to disneyland right away! 🙁

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