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Malaysian eNTRI eVisa for Indians : Step by Step Guide

Published on : May 27, 2019
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Update : As on 17.10.2023

Malaysian eNTRI visa has been discontinued from 2020.

Indians can now apply for eVisa for Malaysia. Cost of Malaysia eVisa for Indians is RM105 + service charge
Validity of visa : 3 months
Type of visa : Single Entry
Duration of visa once entered : up to 30 days
Processing time : Standard processing time within 2 day(s). In some cases it may take up to 10 day(s)

Where to Apply : Official site for Malaysian Visas

COVID Update for Malaysian eNTRI Visa:

Please be informed that International travellers entering Malaysia as tourists or visit purpose are not allowed under the order of the Malaysia Government.

All Tourist visas for visit purpose are NOT AVAILABLE until further notice

Update : Malaysian eNTRI Note for Indians or this Visa Waiver Program is extended for the whole 2020, ie. one year from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020 as per the latest revision on 1st January 2020

Getting a Malaysian e-Tourist visa is now easier and cheaper for Indians! The eNTRI scheme is an online registration facility provided by the Government of Malaysia to facilitate the entrance of Indian Nationals into Malaysia under the Visa Waiver Program.

So are you ready to take advantage of Malaysian eNTRI Visa for Indians and fly to Malaysia? If yes, keep reading.

Frequently Asked Questions about eNTRI Visa for Indians

First let’s look at some of the FAQs

What is eNTRI Visa

eNTRI stands fror Electronic Travel Registration & Information. It is a special visa waiver program for Indians. Through this scheme an Indian traveler can apply for a tourist visa online. It provides Single Entry visa for a stay of maximum 15 days without extension.

How Long is eNTRI scheme Available

This facility is offered to Indian Nationals residing in India and abroad, starting from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020. There are chances that they might extend this. (Post Last Updated 25.01.2020)

How Much will it Cost

eNTRI visa cost is USD 20 + Convenience fee. So depending on the conversion rate, you can get the visa for about ₹1500/-

How Many Days can one stay

An eNTRI holder can stay up to maximum of 15 days for each visit. No extension is allowed. Each application can only be used once.

Who can apply for eNTRI?

All Indian Nationals in India and expatriates residing all over the world excluding Singapore. Indian nationals are required to apply their eNTRI (Tourism) from their country of origin only.

The application cannot be re-applied within 45 DAYS and you are required to wait for the cooling
period to end first, in order to reapply again. For urgent visa processing, you may apply eVISA as an
alternative way.

How long before my travel date should I apply for eNTRI?

Apply for eNTRI registration at least 48 hours before your departure to Malaysia. Though the validity period of your eNTRI Note is 90 DAYS from your eNTRI issuance date.

Most Important : Eligible Route for eNTRI visa

Malaysian eNTRI Visa for Indians is a special visa under visa waiver scheme, hence the route one has to follow is a bit tricky and should be planned wisely to get most out from the trip.

For an Indian national who is applying from India, this visa allows them to fly from India to Malaysia and back to India only. But one can choose a transit through Thailand,Brunei or Singapore.

Update : According to latest update, one can go to any other country from Malaysia while flying out.

The eligible travel routes / flights are as follows:

*Country of Origin >> Thailand/Brunei/Singapore (Transit/Stay) >> Malaysia >> Thailand/Brunei/
Singapore (Transit/Stay) >> Any other country >> Country of Origin

For example : India >> Malaysia  >> India is the basic route for eNTRI visa. But then you can add three countries to your itinerary to get most out from this travel plan. You can choose from 3 options; Thailand,Brunei and Singapore.

Some of the possible itineraries will look like this.

  • India >> Thailand >> Malaysia >> Singapore >> India
  • India >> Thailand >> Malaysia >> Brunei >> India
  • India >> Brunei >> Malaysia >> Singapore >> India
  • India  >> Malaysia >> Singapore >> India
  • India  >> Malaysia >> Thailand >> India
  • India >> Thailand >> Malaysia  >> India
  • India >> Thailand >> Malaysia  >> Any Other Country >> India

Note : eNTRI is a SINGLE ENTRY visa. So make sure you are entering and exiting Malaysia only once while making the itinerary.

Note : India  >> Malaysia >> Thailand >> India tend to be cheaper route due to cheaper flight options.

For an Indian expatriate living abroad, this visa allows them to fly from their Country of stay/work to Malaysia and back to the Country of stay/work by transiting/staying through any other county in between it.

*Country of stay/work >> Any country (Transit/Stay) >> Malaysia >> Any country (Transit/Stay) >>
Country of Origin or any other country.

Flight Route requirement :

You are REQUIRED to have:

– Direct flight ticket from India to Malaysia OR
•- Direct flight ticket from India to Malaysia via Singapore/Thailand/Brunei.

You are also REQUIRED to have:

•- Return flight ticket from Malaysia to India OR
•- Return flight ticket from Singapore/Thailand/Brunei to India OR
•- Return flight ticket from Malaysia to any countries if travelling by air.

For expatriates only, you are REQUIRED to have a flight ticket to Malaysia and return flight ticket to any country if travelling by air.

If you satisfy all the above conditions lets look at how to apply for Malaysian eNTRI Visa for Indians.

Before Applying for eNTRI Visa

You should be ready with a few documents before applying for the visa. They are as follows

• Passport with validity of at least 6 months
• Latest passport size photo
• Flight Itinerary Document
• Proof of accommodation document

Passport Scan :

  • Scan only the first page (or first two pages) of passport
  •  Photo taken by camera is acceptable
  •  Make sure that all information is clearly visible/readable
  •  The scanned page should be full coloured
  •  Please retain the original size upon scanning

Photograph Requirement

  •  Photo size (35mm wide by 50mm high)
  •  Without border
  •  Sharp and full-coloured with white background
  •  Taken within the last 6 months
  •  Full face without headgear
  •  The facial image must be from chin to crown
  •  Only studio taken photo will be accepted, scanned photos are NOT ACCEPTABLE

Flight Itinerary Document

  • The flight ticket documents must be fully paid and are original full travel tickets provided by the official airlines’ company.
  • You must provide the original ticket documents that are sent by the airline company to your email address. You are required to download the document and upload it into your application.
  • If you have purchased flight tickets from different airlines and there are more than one flight ticket files, please combine all the files together in one PDF file before uploading into your application.
  • Any screenshots of flight tickets, itinerary sent by travel agencies and black and white itinerary (IATA) may not be acceptable.

Booking Flight Tickets

  • Use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights from India to Malaysia
  • Find the cheapest dates to fly, make sure you are not exceeding the 15 days maximum stay period while choosing the dates.
  • Since the chance of getting the Visa is almost 100%, you can book your flight tickets even before applying for the visa. So using a dummy ticket isn’t really necessary.

Proof of accommodation document

  • The paid and confirmed accommodation document must be the original confirmation from the merchant (must be in PDF format and in English).
  • The accommodation document is the original confirmation from the exact merchant which is sent to your email address. You need to download the file and upload it into your application.
  • If you have more than one accommodation files, please combine all the files together in one PDF file before uploading into your application.
  • Any screenshots of confirmations may not be acceptable.
  • For applicant wishing to stay with relatives/friends in Malaysia, you are required to write a cover letter with accommodation details specified clearly and upload it into your application.

Booking an Accommodation

  • Usually first night’s accommodation is mandatory and checked by immigration officer.
  • Use Booking.com to book a place without needing to give credit card info.
  • Book a place near airport if you are arriving late. Tune2 hotel is good if you are arriving at KLI2 terminal.
  • Cheaper ones are available near Little India. You can get a direct bus or Grab to KL Sentral from the airport terminal.
  • In my experience Agoda has a lot of last minute deals for hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Once you have these above mentioned documents ready, you are ready to apply for the visa.

Applying for eNTRI visa

First step is to go to the official Malaysian Visa website. It is called Window Malaysia. From this site you can apply for eVisa as well as eNTRI visa for Indians. A google search result would give many other websites for Malaysian visa application, but make sure you are going to the official website only.

Applying for Malaysian eNTRI Visa for Indians : Step by Step Procedure

  • Go to Official Malaysian Visa Application Website : Window Malaysia and find “Apply Online”

window malaysia page

im new user

  • ONE eNTRI account is only valid for ONE individual only.
  • Register yourself with all the required details.

register for eNRI

  • Once you are registered, you are ready to apply for eVisa or eNTRI visa.
  • You will reach a welcome page, from there you have to choose Enroll eNTRI Program

eNTRI visa welcome page

  • A Warning window will pop-up. Click Proceed to go to the next steps

malaysian visa proceed

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