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How To Announce Blog Anniversary?

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Announcing Second Year of Blogging

When is the best day to announce the completion of 2 years of blogging?

  1. When the cloak ticks 12 midnight on the special day
  2. Any time On the exact day it completes two years.
  3. A day before the special day.
  4. A week before the big day.

These are a few options. But what I have done is none of the above ones. I've chosen a day when I was less lazy to write something.

So on 1st September 2016 I have completed two years of blogging.

The Past Journey

Impulse. That is what led to the creation of trablogger.wordpress.com which was the first home for this blog. On a lazy September morning, when I was directionless, purposeless and above all jobless; frustration and traces of depression crept in.

Keeping oneself busy with something that excites them, can only help one during such times to get back to the wonderful possibilities of life. I had to figure out something to do; I had to pick a direction; I had to find a purpose.

Travel! Writing about Travel- It occurred to me then, that I had to write about my travels, even though I hadn't wasn't a lot compared to the pro-travellers. Decision was made to start a blog. WordPress was a new medium which I wanted to experiment since I didn't want to go back to blogspot anymore.

Next question was the name for this new travel blog.

I was going to start a Travel Blog! One who does it, is called a Travel Blogger. So I would call myself Tra-Blogger. Checked for its availability and there it was! No one ever felt a fascination towards that name! Thus without any difficulty I got the name that I tried.

The quote "Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" made things easier as it gave me inspiration for my first post.  From that first step, I have taken a lot of enthusiastic footsteps in the first few months. It was the golden age of my blog, I'd say. I had posted 50 posts in first 30 days. I had completed 100 posts within 90 days.

I was super active at that time. I used to read quite a lot of blogs regularly, used to leave a lot of feedback, actively participated in blogging events and used to do a lot more active blogging.Blogging became a part of my life for quite some time. Due to blogging, publishing a book also became a reality.

The Present

I have traveled quite far from that point. I have grown lazy and became a big time procrastinator. Look at this post now! Its almost a month after the big day I am even publishing about it.

Laziness and procrastination has took over my active blogging life. Or maybe it is the skill of detachment I have developed over these years that caused the lack of active participation from my blog. Or it could be the lack of social pressure in any kind that could actually push me to publish posts just like the way I am doing with MMC posts. But I have always taken enough care not to be the slave of something that I myself created. Taking that as an excuse, I stayed away from writing what I had in my mind for a long time. So for the past few months this blog is all about the Monday event called "Mundane Monday Challenge"

Now I have become a travel blogger who doesn't write about Travels! A travel photographer who is lazy to carry around his camera and shy to take out his camera during the travels. Well that is now. It doesnt mean I have to stay like that all the time.

Look at this post now. I have come out of my procrastination to write this post. Sometimes all you need is a push or someone to push you. The push has been given and as a result this post has happened. Now let me look at tomorrows.

The Future

A bit of social pressure is good if it is for a better result. So I am planning to do certain announcements and get myself into the trouble of being questioned by whoever reads my blog when I do not follow what I will announce here.

The announcement is that I am going to be a bit more regular here and try to come up with more virtual photowalks and travel stories and travel memories and such. My initial idea of announcement was that " I will write regularly, one post each day". Since I am quite confident of "keeping that promise" during the coming days, I have added "try" and similar words in between the above announcement. But, I will follow it to some extend.


Those who were following this blog for over a year might be knowing that on the event of my first blog anniversary I have tried to thank each and everyone who were with me during this blogging journey, personally. But on this 2nd year, when I have turned into a lazy blogger who doesn't blog much, who has to take a super extra effort to come up with a post, please excuse my lack of gratitude ( I meant the gratitude post thanking each one personally)!

I am very thankful for all the people who still support me, read my blog, actively participate in Mundane Monday Challenge, contact me directly, advise me, point out errors and stay as the reason for me to continue with my blogging.

I am supremely grateful for all those people who have supported and still support me during and after my first book publishing journey. It was because of all of you, that I am able to write, rewrite, edit and finally able to publish it. Thanks a million to all those who has read, reviewed and supported me.

And a Maximum gratitude to the one who created a purpose and pushed me to write this anniversary post as the earliest.

In Short

Thank you everyone who is reading this, you all mean a lot to me. Without you all, there is not much meaning to this blog. I am going to turn this blog into more of a personal blog that has connection with travel, photography and a bit of life philosophies. Hope to see your support in the coming days as well. Thanks once again.

2nd Anniversary

Written by : trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.
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