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Flash Fiction Chain #6

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Flash fiction chain #6

Flash fiction chain #6

The flash fiction team is doing pretty good. Also the team is changing, evolving.  I am really glad the way this flash fiction chain is going forward, except a few misunderstanding this time.

Well this time in FFC, as its the time of Valentines day, our theme is love, romance etc. Make it a world class love story with No Sad moments. Everyone would love to read a perfect love story. Give them a super cute love story that they would never bored of reading over and over. 😉

Theme :  A perfect love story.

I hope to finish it by Feb 14th.  Do let me know, what you think about it. 

And we have 2 new rules added. Check below for the instructions.

Each author will get a complete day to write their story.  If some one want to join or opt out, please comment below and let me know.

Saya gave a real surprise by editing and publishing our second ebook : The Shadows on the wall. Click to Download

Finished Flash Fiction chain #5 can be found here.

11 People across the globe with totally different time zones participated in the previous chain. It was wonderful the way the monkey evolved. The theme was 'a story for kids' but it turned out to be a story with kids' 😀 But the story was wonderful anyway.  Looking forward for more fun in this new one. Love is in the air!!

Order of the Chain

We have 16 people this time and some are in the reserve bench. If they want to join, let me know.  Lets not make each story too long and with too many characters, to avoid too many confusions.

Like always, you still have all your creative freedoms anyway 🙂

Sona  can start?


Priceless Joy


Dr. Ko


Itchy Quill









Comment below,  if anyone else want to join.

These people are in the reserve bench.

Wandering StoryTeller


What is Flash Fiction Chain

  • First blogger writes a story inspired from this picture
  • Second blogger starts from where the first one ended.
  • This repeats till everyone joined in the chain write their stories.

How to do it:

New 2 Rules

  1. Just say hi or leave a comment if you are joining the chain, so that further communication can be easier through this post.
  2. Add a tag "Team Flash fiction Chain" so that we can easily access all the posts through the reader just by selecting this tag. [This wonderful idea was suggested by Priceless Joy. Thank you for the idea 🙂 Maybe we can edit our previous posts too]
    • Post the story with link back to this post.
    • Keep the link to the previous parts in your story.
    • Notify the next author by linking up their blog. Links can be found in this post. If possible leave a comment in the next author's blog notifying that your part is finished.
    • Please edit and update your post with newly added parts. It will be helpful to the other readers.
    • Leave a summary of the story and character list in the comment section of this  blog once you finish your story, in addition to the ping back.
    • If you are the last one, and there is no one is joining in the chain, you can finish the story.
    • Check for updates here.

Now have fun with your creativity.

    Thanks to all of you, wonderful bloggers turned friends for participating in this chain. It is a pleasure to know that you are also enjoying it. It is also a pleasure to know that you all are making new connections through this chain.

      Thank you for giving newer meaning to my pictures 🙂

    The Wedding Bells

Part 1 : Written by Sona

Anna is a publisher pushing to get a contract with the eminent author and heartthrob Alex. She is not sure of his feelings though and hopes that life would get more interesting when and if she meets a someone special at a friend's wedding. Read more

Part 2 : Written by Yinglan

Part 3 : Written by Priceless Joy

Part 4 : Written by Frenesthetist

Part 5 : Written by Dr. KO

Part 6 : written by Sweety

Part 7 : Written by Toby Blackwell 😉

Part 8 : Written by Ruth

Part 9 :  Written by Austin

Part 10 : Written by Rashmi

Part 11 : Written by Phaena

Part 12 : Written by Manvi

Written by : Trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.
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Oh no, mine does sort of go off the rails, as I am prone to do anyway. Not quite sure…I made a couple small changes to try to make a bit more sense, but if there is too much outcry about how I have wrenched the story in too odd of a direction, I can always go back and try to rework it! Mea culpa everyone! I think I will at least leave it up for now, because I do find it amusing though and I think it can still work. 🙂


Sounds good. Sorry bout that…still had a good time though 🙂


Gotcha, best wishes Manvi!


Oh no! I got confused on the chain, I thought Ruth=Dr. KO, leading to me not seeing there was a part 17! I'll go back though and update my post though hopefully my section still works! I think it will. But this does add to my already substantial anxiety from posting something new! Sorry if I biffed it! 🙂



I sort of see a beauty in it not working too you know, each link in the chain is that particular person interpretations, its nice to have cohesion but sometimes just getting goofy is fun too, allows more creativity, stop making so much sense! Get creative.

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