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Flash Fiction Chain #6 : Update

Flash fiction chain #6


Flash fiction chain #6
Flash fiction chain #6

Theme :  A perfect love story. And the Chain Repeats.

Story till now :  Anna, 32 year old successful publisher cum CEO of the publishing house, goes to attend her best friend Mellissa’s marriage. Anna meets Mellissa at Toby Blackwell’s big estate. To her surprise, Anna meets Alex, a popular author from whom she wanted a publishing contract who happened to be her ex-lover- at this big mansion. Mellissa mentions to Anna about a cupid spirit that resides in that big mansion. Possibly because of that effect, Anna gets confused between her feelings towards dashing Alex and charming Toby. The story progresses through various incidents happening as the wedding day of Mellissa approaches. The question still remains.. Whom Anna is going to choose? whose love is true.  Read the story.

Part 1 : Written by Sona

Part 2 : Written by Yinglan

Part 3 : Written by Priceless Joy

Part 4 : Written by Frenesthetist

Part 5 : Written by Dr. KO

Part 6 : written by Sweety

Part 7 : Written by Toby Blackwell 😉

Part 8 : Written by Ruth

Part 9 :  Written by Austin

Part 10 : Written by Rashmi

Part 11 : Written by Phaena

Part 12 : Written by Manvi

As the story is getting interesting and I felt it would be unfair if we finish the story in the next part, so we are going to do something new. We are repeating the chain one more time.

Each author will get a complete day to write their story.  If some one want to join or opt out, please comment below and let me know.

As I will be away during this time ( most probably) I might not be able to coordinate properly. So here I am allotting dates for each author. If there is any inconvenience, please inform me as soon as possible. We can rearrange the dates.

Once it is your turn and you couldn’t find an update from the previous author, please contact them and continue the chain accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience due to my expected absence.

The rest of the rules remains the same.

And please don’t forget to  add a tagTeam Flash fiction Chain” so that we can easily access all the posts through the reader just by selecting this tag. You can edit the post, if you haven’t done it yet.

Order of the Chain

Sona  on 15/2/2015

Yinglan on 16/2/15

Priceless Joy on 17/2/15

Itchy Quill 21/2/15

Dr. Ko on 22/2/15






Comment below,  if anyone else want to join.

I would love to have these people in the chain, if they are interested.

Wandering StoryTeller







What is Flash Fiction Chain

  • First blogger writes a story inspired from this picture
  • Second blogger starts from where the first one ended.
  • This repeats till everyone joined in the chain write their stories.

How to do it:

New 2 Rules

  1. Just say hi or leave a comment if you are joining the chain, so that further communication can be easier through this post.
  2. Add a tagTeam Flash fiction Chain” so that we can easily access all the posts through the reader just by selecting this tag. [This wonderful idea was suggested by Priceless Joy. Thank you for the idea 🙂 Maybe we can edit our previous posts too]
    • Post the story with link back to this post.
    • Keep the link to the previous parts in your story.
    • Notify the next author by linking up their blog. Links can be found in this post. If possible leave a comment in the next author’s blog notifying that your part is finished.
    • Please edit and update your post with newly added parts. It will be helpful to the other readers.
    • Leave a summary of the story and character list in the comment section of this  blog once you finish your story, in addition to the ping back.
    • If you are the last one, and there is no one is joining in the chain, you can finish the story.
    • Check for updates here.

Now have fun with your creativity.

    Thanks to all of you, wonderful bloggers turned friends for participating in this chain. It is a pleasure to know that you are also enjoying it. It is also a pleasure to know that you all are making new connections through this chain.

      Thank you for giving newer meaning to my pictures 🙂

Update :

Part 13 : Written by Sona

Part 14 : Written by yinglan

Part 15 : Written by yinglan

Part 16 : Written by Toby

Part 17 : Written by Dr. Ko

Part 18 : Written by Austin

Part 19 : Written by Manvi

*** The End***

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

73 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Chain #6 : Update

      1. No problem at all man, but won’t be able to post up until tomorrow. That ok? I could just stick to my normal part, or pick up wherever the story is tomorrow if you want? That is, only if nobody else has 😀

          1. In fact, i was not following the story for the past few parts. It was a pleasant surprise to see it so evolved both in terms of story and characters.

          2. oh where you busy?
            Anyway it must be a great feeling to see how the characters that you’ve created evolves and the way story unfolds.

  1. Hi Jithin, sorry I won’t be able to participate in this round of the chain. Would it be possible for someone to take my place?
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. The picture given in each chain is the basis of the entire story. The first one in the chain comes up with a story based on the picture given for that chain. The next one just continues the story according to their imagination while keeping the theme of the story in mind. Detailed description is given in the post itself 🙂

  2. Hi Jithin, I am okay with continuing this month. I start a Poetry class on Monday so my time is going to be very limited. My part may not be very long but I will do my best. Thanks!

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