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Flash Fiction Chain #5

Flash fiction Chain #5
Flash fiction Chain #5
Flash fiction Chain #5

We have amazing writers who can do wonders with mystery  and fantasy. And are very brilliant to play around with many characters. So I thought of making it a bit challenging by giving a theme this time.

Why don’t you try a story for kids this time, with 1 character, or maybe 2 or 3 characters?

This is the theme for this year’s second Flash fiction Chain

This chains runs till Jan 31st

Ideally each author will get a complete day to write their story.

Saya did a better editing of Flash Fiction #3 pdf and can be downloaded from here. Click Here..


Finished Flash Fiction chain #4 can be found here.

And find out the secret behind James’ brilliant creativity here

Check flash fiction #4 to know more
Check flash fiction #4 to know more

Now you want to read it again? Part 11 by James


11 People across the globe with totally different time zones participated in the previous chain. Really enjoyed it. Right from the starting the story was full of mystery. Chain after chain it evolved into more mystery, travelled through black magic, took sharp turn back to reality and again reached higher levels of fantasy. Chain #4 was absolutely incredible.  Looking forward for more fun in this new one.

Order of the Chain

We have 16 people this time. Lets not make each story too long and with too many characters, to avoid too many confusions.

Like always, you still have all your creative freedoms anyway 🙂

Abirami can start?



Dr. Ko



Itchy Quill

Priceless Joy





Comment below,  if anyone else want to join




The Traveling Hat

Wandering StoryTeller


What is Flash Fiction Chain

  • First blogger writes a story inspired from this picture
  • Second blogger starts from where the first one ended.
  • This repeats till everyone joined in the chain write their stories.

How to do it:

  • Post the story with link back to this post.
  • Keep the link to the previous parts in your story.
  • Notify the next author by linking up their blog. Links can be found in this post. If possible leave a comment in the next author’s blog notifying that your part is finished.
  • Please edit and update your post with newly added parts. It will be helpful to the other readers.
  • Leave a gist if the story and character list in the comment section of this  blog once you finish your story, in addition to the ping back.
  • If you are the last one, and there is no one is joining in the chain, you can finish the story.
  • Nominate someone if you wish to have a longer chain.
  • Check for updates here.
    Now have fun with your creativity.
    This chain runs from 15th Jan to 31st Jan.
    Thanks to all of you, wonderful bloggers turned friends for participating in this chain. It is a pleasure to know that you are also enjoying it. It is also a pleasure to know that you all are making new connections through this chain.
      Thank you for giving newer meaning to my pictures 🙂



The Tiny Soldier

Part 1 : Written by Abirami

Story of Rick starts here. Rick’s life wasn’t easy being in many foster families. But his life was about to change when he was adopted by Mrs.Montgomery. Read more to know about Rick’s life 

Part 2 : Written by Sona

Beginning of a beautiful friendship between the boy and the tiny soldier, who rescues Rick, mentors him..Ten year old Rick learns to live life isolated, with his books and make believe world. He tries to stay out of trouble at his new foster home but Jake needles him constantly. Rick makes friends with a monkey who loves bananas (not a surprise really) and talks to him (now that’s a surprise!). Read more about the talking monkey

Part 3 : Written by Yinglan

The bonding becomes stronger. The boy and the talking monkey becomes learns more about each other. Read more about SUN 

Part 4 : Written by  Dr. KO

Sun begins to tell Rick how she became the first monkey, but Jake interrupts. Read more..

Part 5 : Written by Austin

If you are wondering about the other kids in that foster home, have a look at a day in their life. Read more to know their breakfast fight

Part 6 : Written by Phaena

After the breakfast fight, before the mess was cleaned up, Jenna shows up witnessing the mess the boys had created. She musters all the boys just to realise that some boys are missing. They weren’t home as they followed Sun, ‘the’ monkey. Read more to find out the drama.

Part 7 : Written by Tobias

The boys chases after the monkey as it vanished into mystery. Mesa and Toro makes a plan to save Rick from the monkey while Jenna finds out that the kid’s ma is missing and she understands.. its happening. Read more to find out the mystery

Part 8 : Written by  Priceless Joy

As Jenna informed Jack about the events , ‘ma’ returns home to find out the mess created by the monkey. After letting her know about the monkey, Jenna rushes towards the forest to find the boys. What will happen to the kids? Read more to find out.

Part 9 : Written by  Rashmi

Jenna goes to the forest in search of the boys. While a new face of Sun gets revealed. Rick, Mesa and Toro were captured by Sun and his strange looking men want to produce them in front of their leader. What will happen to them? Read more to know..

Part 10 : Written by Manvi

Sun and his strange looking men captures All the kids and Jenna. And finally the master arrives. Who was he? Read more..

Part 11 :Written by Sweety

Fight between the evil forces and the forest warriors begins. Rick realises his hidden powers in this battle. What happens to the Kids, What happens to Sun? Read more..

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

256 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Chain #5

      1. oooops… sorry, I musta mista messaga… so sorrie! I would try again. My brain was rattling the “aren’t we overdue to hear?” message.

          1. OK! I totally missed that post and was still looking at the earlier one and wondering what the heck was happening… family has been evilly distracting…..

    1. pheww.. again you are super quick!! How do you do it all the time!! 😀
      Well you need to check a few things. James and Moses came to the story. Maybe it is Jack and Mesa. Have a look once.

          1. Even im confused because of lack of communication. If you can finish it in half an hour or so you may finish it. If it requires more effort may be you can hold it

  1. Dear Jathin, Today stars did not favour me at all. As I completed everything and was about to publish my part my Mac showed low battery. I picked the charger and almost screamed to know that it was also damaged in that fateful power surge. My fav Mac, my lifeline was lying dead in front of me. I switched on to my husband’s laptop and published the post. I was so heart broken to see the scheduled status of my post. It will be published @ 22:17. I went for immediately option even then of no use. Here is the link of my part which according to me has been published but when it will show on the reader, I don’t know. I am so pissed off today I feel like crying to see the state of my Mac and moreover I can’t do my blogging effortlessly. I was damned so used to of Mac. Sorry for the delay once again.

          1. Why are you feeling bad. Because of mac? Then I can understand. Don’t feel bad for ffc. Next one isn’t ready yet. So anyway even if you posted early wont make a difference

          2. I told you na I am over sensitive I like doing my things in time. What I am feeling bad is I can’t see my post on my page despite publishing it. This laptop is so slow and moreover all my pics are in my Mac. I can’t even post for weekly challenge today. Why am I telling you all this? Ok no more sulking. Hopefully I will get my new charger soon from Mumbai. Not available in Aurangabad. You can please delete this part of conservation. I am not a spirited soul today.

  2. Hi, I have written the story but I am facing some problems with the internet connection which was damaged due to the electric surge a day before. Hopefully by evening I will be able to publish it.if not from home then I will go to some friend’s place to use their internet. Sorry for the delay.

      1. Hey, Priceless Joy’s link is not opening up. The blog is also having uploading issues. What to do? How will I link it with mine? I have to read that part of story once more. Rest all the links are opening. sobbing… 🙁

          1. Jathin, I am troubling you again I know but to my utter surprise this is also not working. Rest all the pages are uploading within no time. Why this one is failed to open? Is there any other way to read the story. I am stuck badly.

          2. “Jack, it’s happening.”


            “Where are the kids?”

            “I don’t know. They aren’t here. No one is here. And, there is a half eaten banana on the floor.”

            “The kids could have left that there.”

            “No. I don’t think so. The place is a complete mess. They all had a food fight. You know as well as I do what that means.”

            “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Don’t leave. You need to be there if someone comes home.”

            Just as the phone clicked, Jenna heard the sound of the door knob turning. The place was thick with dread and fear. When the door squeaked open, Jenna about jumped out of her shoes.

            As the door opened, there stood Mrs. Montgomery,

            “Oh my Dear God. What has happened here?” She dropped her bag of groceries on the floor and covered her mouth with her hand in stunned silence.

            “Mrs. Montgomery, where have you been? I went to the Post Office looking for you? How could you just leave the kids like this?”

            “I…I’m..I’m sorry. I didn’t want to tell you that our power got shut off. I went to the church to get a payday loan to tide us over until my next check comes in. I… I just didn’t have the heart to tell the children that was where I was going. Please tell me. What is going on here?”

            “Mrs. Montgomery, I don’t have time to tell you right now. I need to go find those children right now. It is very important. Jack is on his way here. Please keep him here until I get back.”

            “I’ll make a pot of coffee and start cleaning this mess up. Oh Jen, I just don’t understand… her voice trailing off.

            “Mrs. Montgomery, it’s that monkey again and at this point that is all we know. I don’t have time to explain right now. You just have to trust me.

            “Jenna, please be careful and please bring me my babies back safe and sound.”

            Those words had barely left Mrs. Montgomery’s mouth before Jenna ran out the door and headed for the jungle……

  3. Hey, I liked part 8 by Priceless Joy. There were no links in her post so asked her to add those for the ping backs. I thought you had no notification of part 8 so I dropped by to inform. Just saw that you have already updated the summary.

    1. You have great connections here! 😉
      I think she will do it today morning US time.It was late when she finished writing the story. Just after posting this she went offline. She will update soon I guess. Thank you for notifying 🙂

        1. I never noticed!! You have great connections, as well as great observation skills 😀 She did it very quickly, like within 2 hrs reading and writing that part. So a little bit of editing might need here and there. But the story was cool.

          1. Yes, the story is going good. It is amazing that she could do it all in 2 hrs flat. But it does not look like a story for children. It did not ever, in any of the parts 🙂 Next time, specify age group. I think all of us have our adult voices well developed and cannot get out of that.

          2. haha.. I was expecting Aesop stories from the monkey at one point. 😀 I think always the adult voices overpower the innocence! But after all its a story, a result of creative thinking. So its all good 🙂

          3. I haven’t seen anything going wrong. Then why wouldn’t I be supportive 😉
            Btw any suggestions, feedback or just anything that you felt

          4. All my feedback is positive feedback 🙂 I think-
            The flash fiction in chain form is a very good idea. It is collaborative, it is inspirational and it is great for raising the visibility of the writer.
            It runs rather smoothly and really there are times when i do not understand how you can manage it singlehandedly.

          5. Good to hear that. You all are very cooperative, so there isn’t much problem for me to manage it. Now I think even if I want to stop this thing, some of you wont let me do that 😛

          6. No, nobody would let you stop the chain, for sure. Btw, Priceless Joy is online. She wants to know what needs to be done re the links. I think, you are the boss here and you can guide her better. I just pointed out certain things because I thought nobody had noticed.

  4. Hey don’t you think this chain is progressing rather slowly..I thing it needs to speeden up a little bit 😛 Otherwise by the time people end up reading the next part ,they will forget the previous one ..
    Also I am going to be ‘not very active’ since the first of Feb…so just in case this chain of 16 , doesn’t end by then , somebody else may have to end it !

    1. hey, why didn’t the reply to this show up!!!
      Anyway can you do the last part now? Or you can do it tomorrow and finish it. Kelvin Moses might come up with part 11, I think he has started it, but no new after 1 complete day.

      1. Yeah in fact was wondering why you didn’t reply..! I will be going to my in laws tomorrow…I could try writing today if moses had finished.. If I don’t show up tomorrow… you can carry on the chain without me..I will try to jump in if I find the time…Hubby coming 😛 If I don’t make an appearance go on and conclude it…. cannot promise anything from here on 😀

  5. I am here thanks to my beloved Amy and I would like just to leave my humble comment saying that your idea is so creative and inspiring!
    Huge congrats my friend,I wish I had the time to participate 🙂

      1. Unfortunatly my friend,even ready posts are not published yet.But I loved your concept because it’s based on team work.Anyway,thanks a million times over 🙂

        1. Sure, you can join if the chain is not getting too long. Else i’ll add you in the next one 🙂 For the time being i’ll update it with your name 🙂

          1. sure, no problem, I was just checking if you can do the next part. You can do it in the morning 🙂 Thanks for replying before your sleep. Btw where are you now? Bali?

          1. ok… I read the other three, will putter about and have it done by, say… I was going to say 9 pm but I’ve been falling asleep before then!! Sooner. Dinner. Reminds me of the Little Tin Soldier.

          2. I may need help linking to the other folks. Hmmm, the creation of the monkey, the first monkey. How intriguing.

          3. you can just copy paste the links from the previous parts. If you need more assistance, I’ll be here.
            Just select the text, click the link button and paste the link! BAM! 😀

          4. its ok.. I have informed the next one in the chain. Next is Austin. He is ready and going to do it soon..
            Well I must say you are pretty quick!!

      1. Yeah, I am going to sit down now and start reading this next chain. Really got to say thank you again for including me in this. I just had a ton of fun with the last one, not only creatively but also socially, and it brought a lot of traffic and exposure to my blog, so just all around my friend, big Thank you.

        1. Yea, that is the beauty of collaboration. So many good things will happen all at once 😀 Glad you enjoyed it. I am also thankful for your association in this team effort 🙂

          1. this is for kids, you don’t need to follow anything. You can make it simple if you think it is heavy 🙂 I like it simple anyway 😀

    1. Cool. I will add your name in the team and let you know when your turn comes. Currently part 3 of the story is going on. Just make yourself familiar with the procedure by visiting previous chains. 🙂

  6. Would you delete some of my conversations above? Because I want to do a promotion for your fictions chain and will make a link, and I don’t want to confuse readers with fiction chain and rice cooking stuff 😀

  7. Hey ! Story for kids , now this one is a little tricky for me though I am still looking forward ! But you have placed me at the end of the chain this time , so I am a little nervous as to whether I will be able to recreate the magic James did in the last one ! Especially since I have to think like a ten year old now 😛

    1. The one who started usually goes at the end and the chain repeats. That is what happens in the ideal case. Changes in the order happens if someone isn’t available etc. If you enjoyed the responsibility of starting the chain, you can enjoy this too 😉 You can do it, as you were dealing with kids [ i don’t know if they were 10yr old 😉 ] once 😀

          1. I’ve been out all day. Sorry, I wasn’t expecting that outing. I didn’t get home until an hour ago and just barely started it.

  8. The Tiny Soldier Part 2
    Ten year old Rick learns to live life isolated, with his books and make believe world. He tries to stay out of trouble at his new foster home but Jake needles him constantly. Rick makes friends with a monkey who loves bananas (not a surprise really) and talks to him (now that’s a surprise!).

    1. You are the first one in the chain, So you are going to start the story this time.
      So play with your words and set the direction for this chain. Good luck.
      Let me know once you finish and include necessary pingbacks 🙂

        1. Don’t worry, it will be fun. I hope you know how it works, if in case you have any doubts check the previous chain and let me know if you are ready to start 🙂

  9. Man.. this is growing awesome..!!!
    More, day by day..!!
    I was away a few days, and I m back..!!
    n “BANG” ..!!! A lot of development here..!! 🙂
    I just finished reading “The Enchanting Light” (Flash Fiction #3 pdf done by Saya) and its awesome..!!! 🙂
    Good work man..!!!
    & I am inspired to write fiction, maybe will try one day..!!! 🙂

    1. haha… thanks so much brother 🙂 Glad you liked the Enchanting light. There is a super duper mystery thriller; chain 4 😉 check that out 😀
      So do you want to join?! I am looking for someone to start it 😉

      1. Now thats pulling my legs 😛
        and I am no good at fiction..!!
        As such, I am a slow writer, and I wont match the pace of your fast flowing fiction..!!! 🙂
        Anyways kudos, bro..!!
        Will read the next one right away..!!! 🙂

      1. I wish I could… Admittedly, I have never tried to write fiction. I really enjoy reading yours and others stories though, very cool!

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