Flash fiction chain #3

Flash Fiction Chain #3

Flash fiction chain #3
Flash fiction chain #3

Here is the open door to the unlimited opportunities of fiction. This is the theme for this year’s last Flash fiction Chain

I have decided to reduce the pace of this chain, so that we have no confusions at all. Ideally each author will get a complete day to write their story.

Finished Flash Fiction chain #2 can be found here.

People from 4 different courntries and time zones participated in the previous chain. Looking for more fun in this new one.

Order of the Chain

Soul and Spirit





Wandering StoryTeller

Fiction Limbo

Rose Red



Comment below,  if anyone else want to join

What is Flash Fiction Chain

  • First blogger writes a story inspired from this picture
  • Second blogger starts from where the first one ended.
  • This repeats till everyone joined in the chain writes their stories.

How to do it:

  • Post the story with link back to this post.
  • Keep the link to the previous parts in your story.
  • Notify the next author by linking up their blog. Links can be found in this post. If possible leave a comment in the next author’s blog notifying that your part is finished.
  • Please edit and update your post with newly added parts. It will be helpful to the other readers.
  • Leave a gist if the story and character list in the comment section of this  blog once you finish your story, in addition to the ping back.
  • If you are the last one, and there is no one is joining in the chain, you can finish the story.
  • Nominate someone if you wish to have a longer chain.
  • Check for updates here.
    Now have fun with your creativity.
    This chain runs from 22nd Dec to 31st Dec. So there is no hurry.
    Thanks to all of you, wonderful bloggers turned friends for participating in this chain. It is a pleasure to know that you are also enjoying it. It is also a pleasure to know that you all are making new connections through this chain.
    Thank you for giving newer meaning to my pictures 🙂



    PART 1

Character list
Rebecca                 : Protagonist ( the main character)
Samantha             : Rebecca’s mother
David Lyngdoh : Samantha’s husband and Rebecca’s father
Joe                           : Smantha’s childhood friend
Eda                          : Joe’s daughter and Rebecca’s friend
Kavin                     : An elderly widower works as supervisor in the monastery

Liam                      : Rebecca’s husband

Luna                     : Another girl in Liam’s life

Anna                    : Chief matron at the mental asylum

Dr. Hannock   : Junior doctor at the mental asylum

The story ” The Enchanting Light” is set in the beautiful surroundings of Lepung Monastery where Rebecca along with her old mother Rebecca and her pillar os strength, her best friend Eda lives peacefully. As she turns forty, something special and unexpected happens in her life. Read more..

PART 2 : Written by Ruth ( I-Read )

Through the enchanting light , Rebecca travels to a mysterious place and time travels. Meets her long lost husband Liam. Read more..

Part 3 : Written by  Saya

When Rebecca came back to her senses, she was back in the real world with a gift from the mysterious fantasy land, a locket, a reminiscence of those good old passionate days. Read more..

Part 4 : Written by Sweety

On this eventful day of Dalai Lama’s visit to the monastery, things suddenly takes a wrong turn. Joe and Eda becomes a real turning point in Rebecca’s life. Will she survive?! Read more..

Part 5 : Written by James

The story moves to the realms of Science fiction Thriller. Rebecca finds out the magic behind her wristlet, mystery behind her Locket and Secret behind the Liam’s unknown life. Read more..

Part 6 : Written by Fiction Limbo

Mystery of the Travelers from the other planet, Pandora unfolds. Rebecca realises that only she can save that Planet and also her near and dear Liam, her mother and her friends. Will she be able to use her unlimited powers to save the Planet?! Read more..

Part 7 : Written by Wandering Story Teller

The Secret of the planet Pandora finally revealed. Rebecca finds herself on a path to redemption. Read more..

Part 8 : Written by Sona

Dr. Hammock works his magic on Rebecca and finds out the past life stories which no one never knew, except her. With his conventional methods, will he succeed in helping Rebecca to fulfil her unaccomplished, unfinished mission. Read more..

Part 9 : Written by Manvi

And here comes to the end of Rebecca’s mission. How did she do it?! What happened to Liam? Luna? Read more..

And here comes to the end of Flash fiction chain #3

Thank you all for your wonderful contributions. It was a really awesome chain, with twists and turns. Loved working with you all 🙂


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[…] Finished Flash Fiction chain #3 can be found here. […]


There. I’m done.

What we will never know is whether Rebecca had lived it or not.

That’s all know?


What a brilliant story! It’s bloody wicked!I can’t wait to read the final part! I wish I could have taken part as well. Perhaps next time…. 🙂


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[…] post is a part of a flash fiction chain titled, ‘The Enchanting Light’ ( http://trablogger.com/2014/12/27/flash-fiction-chain-3/ ). Though I’m incredibly late for my part in the storyline, I hope this makes for a good […]

story teller

I’m incredibly late but here is my contribution – https://awanderingstoryteller.wordpress.com/2014/12/28/the-enchanting-light-part-7/
🙂 Sorry for the delay!

Soul n Spirit

I m in Rann of Kutch festival in Bhuj. Will join you guys after 2nd jan. Happy new year.


enjoy …have been there last year…its an awesome place 🙂

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