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Count Down : 7 days to Go | #Excerpts #TeaserTuesday

Only 7 days more to go.. On September 1st ‘Journey Is My Path’ will be out.

Today’s sneak peek from here and there?

             The laws of Thermodynamics never appealed to him. ‘Energy is neither created nor destroyed’. So what? That was his reaction.The complexity with which various links work in unison to bring a certain motion that could be converted into a useful action never excited him.

The small molecules of fuel and air undergoing certain chemical reactions inside a small chamber to explode and move giant cars and trucks definitely fascinated him, but he never felt so curious about it. He realised that all these
things were amazingly creative concepts that were made into a reality by great people, but he lacked something.

One more week to go..

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

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          1. Nope.. I give full permission to let you could add it in there even without credits.. 😛

            Bcoz it’s sort of twisted from one of your excerpts .. 😉

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