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Count Down : 10 days to Go | #Excerpts #StoryTelling

Only 10 days more to go.. On September 1st ‘Journey Is My Path’ will be out.

Today’s sneak peek from here and there?

Then he started to walk alone, but this time a bit slowly. He started to notice the variety of trees around him, how they were different from each other, he listened to the chirping of the birds which he was listening for the first time during the entire trek, he saw butterflies fluttering around small flowers which he never saw till then, he could feel the cold breeze that brushed past him, he noticed small boulders he was climbing, how he avoided the sharp ones even without giving any thought.

         He realised that he was always looking for that next moment, next step and the next one after that, and by doing so he had missed a lot of things in between. He had forgotten to enjoy the surroundings and to savour the true essence of being in nature and walking through that divine path. He understood the mistake that he was committing all this time. He was always on the lookout for the next moment and never lived in the present moment. He committed the crime of searching for something in the future and not enjoying the presents of present.


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