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Couchsurfing : An idea everyone should try!

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When I first came to know about couch surfing,  I was like “its a too good idea to be true”. The concept  was introduced to me as something which would let you stay anywhere in the world for free! Without doubt, I knew it was one of the too good to be true offers.

But as I started knowing more about it, understanding what really couch surfing is, I was blown away. Because like I said it was too good to be true, and In fact it is TRUE!!

Don’t get the idea that it is a way of finding a cheaper stay while you are travelling.

Couch surfing is about

being kind and trusting people blindly;

it’s about love and universal brotherhood;

it’s about exchanging of cultures and making new friends;

it’s about meeting interesting people and creating  connections;

it’s about being a better person and making this world a better place to live in.

It seems I cannot stop telling you about this truly amazing concept. So I will be constantly writing and doing Couch surfing trips.

What is Couch Surfing?

Couchsurfing is a service that connects members to a global community of travellers. Use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with travellers.

Basically Couchsurfing is a social networking website. The members of the site are known as couch surfers or CSers. Couch surfers are travellers who is either searching for a couch or offering a couch. So there are two types of people, a host and a surfer and they are connected by a  couch.

What is a Couch ?

Couch is what the host offers to the surfer. It can be the host’s spare room, sleeping bag or just the couch in the living room.

How Couch Surfing Works?
  • Register yourself at
  • Plan your travel, find a host in that place
  • Request him/her for a couch
  • If he/she accepts visit the place and enjoy your stay
  • Make sure to come back home 😉

Q. Is it that simple??

A. Almost yes

Q. What do you mean by almost yes??


  • first you need to build a reputation in the community and prove that you are not an axe murderer and are safe to host.
  • The host might be busy with his/her life, and might not respond within the time.
  • Might not find an active CSer in all areas

Q.  How do you build a reputation?

A. Apart from hosting and surfing, Couchsurfing websites allows people to organise CS meet-up locally. Find your local page, join some meet ups or group activities, get to know the experienced CSers and build your reputation. And it doesn’t happen overnight!!

Q. Am I obliged to host/surf?

A. You are not obliged to do anything. If you are the host, you are the boss, you make your house rules, you have the right to accept or reject a couch request. You can tell the surfer your house rules that the surfer is expected to follow during their saty. And as a surfer you are not obliged to stay in a hosts place, if you are feeling uncomfortable at any point of time. But as long as you are staying at a host’s place, you are expected to follow the rules set by the host.

Q. Isn’t it dangerous to let a stranger to stay in one’s house?

A. It can be dangerous, if there wasn’t the reference system. Couch surfing mainly works on a reference system. Getting positive reference is what is meant by building up of reputation. The reference once written can not be deleted from your profile. So if you misbehave or done something bad, it will be reflected in your profile and stays there forever as long as you are using  CS. So from other people’s opinion and by using one’s own judgment, one has to decide if the surfer/host is safe or not.

(But believe me, CSers are the best people in this world, I personally believe. Whoever I have met through CS are amazing, kind and interesting. But like in any case there can be exceptions. Choose wisely, use your common sense, trust your instincts, and you will have a great time Couch surfing )

Q. As a surfer How much am I expected to pay the host?

A. You are not expected to pay anything. Will you pay your good friend for staying at his/her home?!

Q. You must be kidding!!?

A. No, you are not expected to pay anything. That is why I said it sounds like a too good to be true marketing offers! But you are expected not to be a burden on the host. You should be remembering all the time that you are at the host’s house, not in your own home. And act accordingly while using any facilities. And you are not expected, but it’s always good to go to someone’s home with some gifts. Its a good practice to replace what you have used! Or at least keep the place better than you found it.

Q. Is that all?

A. Not really, Couch surfing is much more amazing than this. So just register, experience it, get addicted to it, spread the love, be a better person, surf at some nearby couch, host someone, attend some CS meet, travel more, live more. Because To Travel Is To Live!

Once again. Here is the link, if you feel like checking it out.

If you have any questions, ask. Anyway I will be writing more about couchsurfing . And will make you all  a Couchsurfer 😀

Do share your thoughts.


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(:hmmm…so innocent and easily said… I have heard about this, I got some stories… such as one lady travelled 7 impossible places and it took all his money in the fixed deposit…they were impossible places and arranging visa for her was challenging task…she said she lived with families, single men and women in her journeys… hmmm…I know it works for you so no negative comments, I know there are good people out there helping each other out and it is good idea, but as Indian lady its hard to go like the man counterparts and I believe it is true.… Read more »


Did you pay up for CS?


I am in Kenyan, love the idea of coach surfing but not sure its being done in Africa so far. I wish it was though because it definitely does sound awesome.


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Have been hosting and surfing for years, mostly before I had a family but we still host sometimes, if I think the travellers will get along with all of us. Have made wonderful friends, always met interesting people. Recommend it!

Finding My Inner Zen

Did you ever end up couch surfing?? This is fascinating!

I’m not sure I would be brave enough to do this, but the concept is amazing.


This is such a lovely concept!

rodi (Rob and Diane)

I registered and looked at this once. With all due respect to the CS community, sometimes there may be a cultural issue here. Indians are very open to hosting and are also very trusting (generally speaking of course). Often Chinese people, OTOH, tend to be more guarded and less open to receiving strangers; Don’t trash me; I’m not being racist; MY wife Diane is Chinese so I’m just saying I would probably never get her support on this concept. But I love the idea and I know it works well for the right type of individuals.

Les Petits Pas de Juls

Good one! you have a way with words, whatever you think!
the Couchsurfing community and ideals is just the best ever. Been part of it for a bit over 5 years now and can not count the many everlasting friends I’ve met that way (even my husband!!).
For travellers, the best way to enter directly into the culture; for hosts, the best way to travel while staying at home and revisiting their own town.
I’m glad you’re one of us too and I wish you lots and lots of great adventures and friends!
Cheers to a better world!

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