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8 Reasons why I absolutely Adore Aizawl in Mizoram

Published on : October 31, 2020
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In India, they call the North Eastern states the seven sisters! One of the most beautiful yet much lesser explored parts of India. In 2018 I had a chance to visit Mizoram and that is how I reached Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram.

It was an instant connection! I absolutely adore this place and I would go back to this place whenever an opportunity arise! If you are wondering why I have so much high praise for this small city, here is 8 of my main reasons to fall in love with this place.

# 1. This place is damn CLEAN!

First thing I noticed as soon as I approached Aizawl is that, this city is so so very clean. Finding such a place in India would be very difficult or almost impossible!

Clean streets of Aizawl

Clean streets of Mizoram
clean street vendors of Aizawl

#2 . Almost No Honking plus Traffic Discipline

I can probably count the total number of times I heard someone honking while driving. Also, unlike other Indian cities, lane discipline is followed way better.

One might argue that there isn’t much space on the road to cut the line and overtake irresponsibly. But if you ever been on Indian roads, you must be knowing that, for a serial offender, there is no need for much space to go zigzag and find a way out of nowhere.

Disciplined traffic of Aizawl Mizoram
Traffic flows smoothly at Aizawl
Decent traffic of Mizoram

#3 : European looking streets

This is probably my personal opinion and other’s might not find it very convincing.

Combined with the cleanliness, lack of noise pollution and the cool climate, some of the narrow streets of Aizawl appeared to me like some of the narrow European streets.

European look alike streets of Aizawl rotated
Could be poor man’s Sicily?!
European like streets in Aizawl
Could be a street in Montmartre?!

# 4: Friendly People

On my first day, as soon as I got down from my Sumo Taxi, at the city centre, I couldn’t find the place I wanted to go. The map wasn’t showing the exact walking route.

So I asked someone for help. They didn’t speak much of Hindi or English. But instead of saying, ‘Sorry, I can’t help’, they walked with me even though it was the opposite direction for them and found someone who knew the place and made sure that I had received the help I asked! Such nice people!

I’m sure there might be not so friendly people too. But these are the first impression one gets while travelling and they are priceless when it is a positive one! So I’d like to believe that all the people of Aizawl are nice and helpful!

Friendly people of Aizawl
Friendly people of Mizoram
Friendly kids from Aizawl

#5 : Strong, Independent Women

Everyone talks about women empowerment. But when you are in Aizawl, you can actually see it in action. Women can be found in almost all walks of life in the front row, taking charge, doing business and running the show.

So from whatever I have seen, women in Aizawl seemed to be independent, self-reliant, strong-willed and all these made them even ‘more prettier’.

Independent women of Aizawl
strong women of Mizoram
Women of Aizawl in all walks of life
women sales power
strong women of aizawl
Butcher woman of aizawl
Self relient women of Aizawl

#6. Day Starts pretty early

Since Mizoram is located at the North Eastern part of India, it really has a different timezone. But India as a country follows only one timezone. Hence by 5:30 AM it will be quite bright in Aizawl, people will be playing and by 8.30AM you can find people negotiating a deal on the street with street side vendors!

Early day in Mizoram
This is 8:30 AM in Aizawl
Day starts early in Mizoram
This is 9.30AM in Aizawl

Busy morning in Mizoram

Since days start quite early, days end early too. At 6PM it feels like night. Shops also closes pretty early just like how they starts quite early.

Though sunlight arrives quite early with respect to Indian time in almost all North East states of India, I don’t think everyone starts the day that early. While I was in Shillong, no shops, even the hostel I wanted to check-in didn’t open by 7.30! Since I don’t have extensive experience in this region, I can’t really generalise this.

But I can tell you one thing, Aizawl is prettier at night!

Beautiful Aizawl city at night
This is around 6.40 PM

#7 : Aizawl has some vibrant street markets

Every new city should be explored through their markets. Aizawl gives plenty of opportunities to do that. This is a special market. It happens on Saturdays. And when this happens, the whole street will be closed and no vehicle traffic is allowed. The local ladies come with their produces and products and sell them in this street. Walking through this long street can be any street photographer’s dream! So many subjects on all sides of the street!

Vibrant street market of Aizawl

#8. Landscape of Aizawl is pretty gorgeous

The mountains, the houses on the mountains, the roads that snakes through these backdrop, the distant indistinct outline of mountain ranges and the fog that makes everything look surreal are some of the elements to fall in love with Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram.

Amazing landscape of Aizawl
Stunning landscape of Mizoram

What do you think about Aizawl?

Have you been to Aizawl or anywhere in Mizoram? How was your experience? Tell me more about one of my favourite places in India!

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