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Blur is Beautiful : Bokeh | Celebration of Imperfections

Well Don’t worry, I am closing the deal today. No more blur is beautiful campaigns. You can’t deny the fact that Bokeh is beautiful.  And bokeh is BLUR! So blur is beautiful!!  Yay! I nailed it!

Bokeh, I assumed you knew- is the out of focused images of light sources, like the one in the picture.

If focus is to Perfection, out of focus is to imperfection. Right?  And we are talking about getting beautiful images by intentionally making the lens out of focus.  So we are agreeing to the fact that even imperfection can be beautiful.

Raw Bokeh
Raw Bokeh
Bokelicious street at night
Bokelicious street at night

Bokeh is a great save! Even if I wanted to capture the crisp night life and the picture came out something like this , I can always say that ‘I wanted the bokeh shot, you know’ 😉 Now you know why i call bokeh as selibrashion of imperfekshan!

How to take a Bokeh Shot
  • Put your lens into Manual Focus
  • Aim at some light source, eg street lights at night, decoration LED
  • Make it out of focus and just click away!
  • Find great patterns and experiment
How to shoot Bokeh with Mobile camera?

Even If you have a mobile camera, you can try Bokeh shots

Keep it in macro mode, and shoot the light source, that is far away. Or you can try keeping some objects very close to the lens keeping the light source far away. The point is to get spots of light coming in as out of focus objects.

Feel like doing some assignments? 😉 Try capturing the bokeh shot of sunlight passing through the leaves of a big tree.

Do let me know about the ‘blur is beautiful campaign’. ( I started to mention it that way out of fun, now I have made it a campaign, I guess) If you feel like sharing any of your bokelicious shots or beautiful blurry image, post it on my Facebook page.

So now you know what to do if somewhere you find some pictures like this. Tag it #bokeh  or #bokelicious and leave a comment. ‘amazing bokeh’ 😀

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41 thoughts on “Blur is Beautiful : Bokeh | Celebration of Imperfections

  1. I love to click Bokeh shots. Though I haven’t clicked a bokeh shot of any direct light source but I did click a shot of sunlight filtering through leaves slits.
    Amazing posts,you have. I’ll never regret following your blog.

          1. no..that wasn’t my intention…to build suspense..its just that I have been thinking about it for months but not researched it properly to write about it..
            and yes I am much better than yesterday.. thanks for bothering 🙂

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