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Be part of a quick story

Fancy restaurant, eh?

So are you ready to be the part of a Commenstory??

Yes, go ahead and comment, and lets create a story.

Fancy restaurant, eh?
Fancy restaurant, eh?

So we are here in this fancy restaurant for some special reasons. Lets get started.

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

101 thoughts on “Be part of a quick story

  1. did teach the manager a good lesson 😉 Well, I am already feeling a little tipsy… :p But I don’t mind some beer ..giggles..sings…Lalala….happy bday…………

      1. Oooooh! My head is bobbing like a fish or should it be a ball??? My dear girl…lady! So your father can buy this…hic…entire place? Good, good. Please deliver me from the tyrannical owner. He…he..sob.. insults me in front of the bloody staff. He..may he see hell soon. Please, please keep me on as manager. I beg you.. i am ready to shine your dainty sandles with my handkerchief.

          1. No, no, no…my good sir. It was all a mishtake. Big mishtake..very big mishtake. Have mercy on my missus and my little one who is only a little babe. Pisses on his father..ha ha ha. Sob..forgive me sir. Give me my job back.

  2. I am the Manager and I am here to uphold the values and excellence in service the establishment swears by. By virtue of my position, I can ask you and your BL…. umm..friends to leave. Also, we have to prepare the hall for the next party, due very shortly.

    1. Asking your customers to leave is your “excellent service?!! ” Is this the way you treat your customers who are paying hell lot of money here!! Did you see that girl. Her father can buy the entire thing!! So be careful!

  3. Mr. Trablog, I think you need to see this. One of your friends who is sleeping on the couch by the reception is having nightmares. He is throwing fits about a torn teddy and drunken men!!

  4. Hey! What the #@$&! What is this mess in the banquet room? What happened to the birthday party that was to be held here? The tables are smeared with cake, marshmallows, mayo… These gift wrappings thrown about! A torn teddy!
    There is a drunken group in the lobby! I wonder…. hey! Waiter!

    1. Are you the manager or the owner?! We are paying for this!!! We will do whatever we want to do. We are a bit drunk so we have the licence to do any BEEP we want to do!

    1. Or is it your normal time to get ready? ! For the previous party also you gave the same excuse. Forgot? :p
      Anyway there she is. Wandering here and there. Our birthday girl. Wish her 😀

    1. Hey, welcome 🙂
      Patience!! 😀 The surprise is still a surprise! See the birthday girl is still not here.. talking and talking on the phone. So much friends calling to wish her!!

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