Fancy restaurant, eh?

Be part of a quick story

So are you ready to be the part of a Commenstory??

Yes, go ahead and comment, and lets create a story.

Fancy restaurant, eh?
Fancy restaurant, eh?

So we are here in this fancy restaurant for some special reasons. Lets get started.


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sweetykannoth did teach the manager a good lesson 😉 Well, I am already feeling a little tipsy… :p But I don’t mind some beer ..giggles..sings…Lalala….happy bday…………

Ameena k.g

Haha, this was such a fabulous party! My mini peplum dress didn’t waste after all 😉 . Thank you for hosting it 🙂


omg! i’m so drunk…i think i can see my self floating….


Taking a bow now. Thanks everyone. It was lovely to be part of this story.


Yeeees, sir. Bring out the glasses. Cheers to a great party. God blesh you ..ladies and gentlemen!


Vodkaa… he..he..he..always loved my drink. But the missus! Bad, bad, she says. Bloody hell. I shall driiink. Waiter, get the bottle we stole from the last party.


Oh Goodness! Call the security right away. Gulp…let me have a glass of water first. Let me drink this.
Ah! This tastes Warm! Almost burnt my throat. HIC!


I am the Manager and I am here to uphold the values and excellence in service the establishment swears by. By virtue of my position, I can ask you and your BL…. umm..friends to leave. Also, we have to prepare the hall for the next party, due very shortly.


Mr. Trablog, I think you need to see this. One of your friends who is sleeping on the couch by the reception is having nightmares. He is throwing fits about a torn teddy and drunken men!!


Hey! What the #@$&! What is this mess in the banquet room? What happened to the birthday party that was to be held here? The tables are smeared with cake, marshmallows, mayo… These gift wrappings thrown about! A torn teddy!
There is a drunken group in the lobby! I wonder…. hey! Waiter!

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