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Announcement & Sneak Peek

Today is a special day for me. So I will take this opportunity to make an announcement. Recently I was sort of busy and wasn’t reading all of your blogs as much as I used to read before.  My Blog was running mostly on scheduled posts. And all I could do was to reply to comments and update MM challenge.  So I take this opportunity to let you all know that I will get back to my normal blogging routine as soon as possible, once I finish a few things that I have started recently. Then some of you would obviously ask, what have I started recently that kept me away from blogging.  I think I have a valid excuse for staying away from active blogging. I was working on my first book. Yes, I did write a book and obviously  it is based on my travels. I call it as “Journey Is My Path”. Yes, that is the name of the book.

Journey Is My Path : Book Cover
Journey Is My Path : Book Cover

It is a fictional story inspired from various events from my recent travels. If you have been following this blog for long enough, you can identify various journeys in this book. This is a story of a common man who finds his destiny through a series of journeys. The journey progresses through various phases of life. The book is divided into Childhood, Adolescence, Youth and Adulthood. He then metamorphosed into a reflective and philosophical person as he journeyed from one phase to another and from one place to another. Like the subtitle of the book says, it is a journey through confusion, heart break and quarter life crisis towards clarity and truth.  I hope, you can relate with that story in some way or another. The book is available for Pre-order at Amazon. Here is the link if you are interested in reading my first book.

Amazon prebooking
Amazon PreBooking

Hard copy of the book is stuck in some red tapes, which I believe I can publish very soon. I will be shamelessly promoting my first book in the coming days.  😉 Book will be published on September 1st, which is again another special day for me. Please join my mailing list, where I will be sending excerpts from the book and some free e-books that I am currently working on.  I assure you, there won’t be any spamming.Email Subscription, trablogger, journey is my path, amazon, kindle book

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

147 thoughts on “Announcement & Sneak Peek

  1. Oh dear, oh my!!!… I generally won’t read books unless it is really good, has good reveiws and that book sounds too serious, coming out from you… but I will pay and buy it for you to encourage you anyway… wow..congrats, it is certainly a achievement(:… goodday

      1. hmmm… these days when venture capitalists invest on start ups, these things are nothing compared to that…but I will read it for sure and give my opinion for sure… only thing if the book is pricey, I will pay only in installments ok ?…

        1. Good to know that.
          I am trying to cut the cost as much as possible. I try not to make it pricey. I am not trying to make money out of it. But yes, there are certain costs associated with book printing and publishing!

          1. I know, I have been to a few literary fests and understand challenges faced by writers in publishing books…that’s why I said I will buy otherwise I would not have, anyway I can read your blog for free, but just want to encourage you in small way… anyway… if your commercial I would avoid you at all costs!!!

  2. Eni njyan aayittu enthu parayannaa !!!
    & I m officially on your site after a long long time..maybe 3 months or more 🙂

    And let me tel you this seriously;
    keep inspiring others 🙂
    n we all are privileged to be living in your “era” 😀
    😛 !!!

  3. Oh god! How could I miss this. Congratulations, Jithin ! I am so happy for you, the first thing I did after reading this was adding your book to my amazon cart. 🙂 I’m surely gonna read this.
    Best of wishes coming your way.! 🙂

  4. OMGGGGG Jithin !!! Congrtuaaalaationssss man! That is aweeesommeee news! So so happy for you, Will definitely buy the book If I can get it here in Pakistan ! ^_^

    Wow what an achievement, I hope the book soars to the greatest heights, I’m so excited !! 😀

    1. Thank you so much. Books?! I don’t know about that yet.

      I just saw that I am not following your blog! I don’t know how that happened. Anyway following again

      1. Heheh.. its because, I added a new blog called ‘Drama in the Books’. Its only related to books. And I can review your book.

  5. Woohoo!!! Many Many Many Congratulations 🙂 I was going to say that this is the perfect culmination of your work here but then it is safe to say that it is ONLY the beginning of a journey! Good luck!

  6. Jithin,

    I’ll buy your book mate irrespective of wherever I am. So do let me know the details here in comments as I’m not a very tech person. 🙂

    Wonderful man 🙂 I hope I can know more about you through the book? lol, how sad is that 😛 😛


    1. Thanks Anoop. I wanted to get a print version of it first. But it looks like it will take a lot of time to clear the redtape and stuff. So I decided to do an amazon version first. You can get it from Amazon as an ebook. Just click and buy. Or else you can wait and hope that the print version might come oneday 😉
      No, I haven’t written my autobiography 😀
      Its more like a fictional version of the journeys you have read here. But it might look like my story, but that is quite a coincidence only 😉

      1. I am not really a e-book person, so I will wait and hope to get the printed version 🙂

        Are you also Batman? I know too many Batman’s here already 😛 (anonymous people I mean)

          1. It’s OK. I’ll order it to my home and get it from there. 🙂 That is hardly an issue.

            Well you are a batman 😛 Glad you agree to that. 😛 😛

  7. Congratulations, Jithin! Thank you for sharing the great news with us. I just read the book description on, I know I’ll enjoy reading your book. Have to wait… 🙂

    1. Thank you Amy. Thank you for checking out the amazon page. It is a fiction version of many of the journeys that you have read here in this post. Hoping to receive feedback from you soon 🙂

    1. Just stories through journeys. Journeys and thoughts combined together. You can identify my journeys from the previous blog posts. Given a touch of fiction to it. 😉
      Thank you for the wishes 🙂

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