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6 Years of Trablogger!

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When was the last time you woke up with a definite purpose, knew exactly what to do as soon as you were up, and went to bed only and only because your body needed at least three to four hours of rest, and could repeat it all over again the next day and the day after?

That was me, 6 years ago when I started this blog. Every waking hours I was thinking about the blog, every other minute I am checking the bright orange notification on top right side of WordPress admin panel and making a new connection with yet another blogger, and every other day I was thinking of new blog post ideas.

That was my first year of blogging! In 2014.

And that was my best year of blogging. I made a lot of good friends during that time and some of them are still in touch. During the same time, I also started writing a book based on some of my travel memories. Exactly a year after starting the blog, on September 1st 2015, I self-published it. Now, that is 5 years of "Journey is My Path".

When I look back, it was a very productive year for the blog and for me personally. But while travelling in 2015, I was serendipitously offered a travel job. An active travel blog and a self-published book to my name, kind of became my resume. When I quit my job as a Junior Marine Engineer in 2013, I had decided that I wouldn't use a proper resume ever again in my life to find a job. So finally in 2015, I found a job without needing a resume!

Changes in the Horizon

If you are an active blogger, you'd probably know that serious blogging is as good as a full-time job. So balancing blogging and actual work is quite difficult. Even though I had a travel job which allowed me to travel quite a bit, I couldn't find enough time to write down my travel memories.

My attention from the blog was drifting away.

Since I didn't start this blog to earn money or to become a travel influencer ( though deep inside my head, I at times wish I could make this blog into an income stream) it wasn't very difficult for me to be less active and become regularly irregular.

That intense, driving, or overmastering feeling that I used to wake up with started to disappear.
As a person do you relate to this?x

For a many weeks the only post I did was the Mundane Monday Challenge Series, which I was compelled to do because of the other people who were participating in that challenge. After a continuous 150 weeks of MMC, I decided to discontinue it as I couldn't focus enough on it. Thus number of posts per month trickled down to one or even none at times.

Blog Anniversaries

A Blog anniversary is a very important day for a blogger, I believe. For me, it is equivalent to the New Year day. As a blogger, this is the day I make my blogging resolutions! And just like most other New Year resolutions, it would be followed for a few weeks, if lucky for a few months at most.

I haven't missed any Blog anniversary posts so far. All blog anniversaries are well documented! Along with these posts, I usually come up with a new design or direction for the blog. So, over the years, I have changed the looks, the central theme of the blog and even its name!

In 2016, when Host My Blog offered a free self-hosted website to a selected bloggers, I was lucky enough be included in the list. From there another chapter started, www.trablogger.wordpress.com became www.trablogger.com! It gave me opportunities to have fun with the increased functionality of a website. So I experimented more with it.

The web design lessons I learned by doing these design changes over the years brought me random gigs on the road.

How DIY Blog design helped me survive on the road

In 2018, I was on a solo motorbike trip to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Hero Honda Hunk I am using. That unplanned trip from Kerala to Hampi finally extended till Mumbai.

While I was in Pune I met a friend who wanted some websites to be designed. With a live portfolio of my blog, it wasn't difficult to get that job. Since it was a friendly business, I didn't get paid much, but still it was good enough to sustain a few more weeks on the road.

On the same trip, while I was in Hubli, I met a couchsurfer. We were meeting for the first time in life. But the next day we were making plans to organise a motorbike trip to Bhutan for our future clients. This blog was the link to the official event.

The itinerary was published here and we somehow managed to get a few people for this trip. Thus I was able to organise my first tour package for others because of this blog!

So many good things happened because of this blog, over the years. So I have decided to experiment with my life to create a life full of travel and to document that journey here in this blog. It also means that my experiments will be reflected in the design and looks of this blog as well.

6 years of trablogger 2020

Trablogger DMC: Experiment of 2020

My experiment for 2020 was to start a Destination Management Company and to run a few handcrafted, carefully and thoughtfully designed tours. I had designed a few tours, operated one in Gokarna and then COVID-19 happened. So that experiment took a backseat and it is on hold as of now.

As the tour design and operation came to a stop, there was no point in keeping the above landing page. Still being a regularly irregular blogger, I didn't change the design for many months. But finally, September has come! The Blog anniversary is back! So it was the best time to make another change.

6 years of trablogger

So in this 6 years of trablogger, I am, presenting you the 6th Year version of trablogger.com and giving you more promises like every other year, to be more active on blogsphere, to write more about travelling and to tell you more travel stories.

Hopefully this year it will be all different. This year might be the best year of blogging till date. I spend a few extra days and hours tweaking the design, making this image-heavy blog to load faster and arranging the blog in such a way that you can find interesting stories more easily.

Now, all I am asking from you is your support. I am sure, with your support and feedback, I am here to stay and to tell you more interesting things through this blog.

Now tell me, will you be with me on this 6th year of my blogging journey?!

A Note to my Good old Blogger Friends

Hello everyone (who all are tagged in this post and got a pingback), I hope all of you are safe and sound. It's been a while.

Today all are invited in this special column for a reason.

If you have already forgotten, my Name is Jithin, maybe you know me by my blog name - Trablogger. Believe it or not, we used to be friends here in this blogosphere! I have compiled this list from one of my old blog posts, which means we have exchanged a few comments at least for once!

Well, there is a reason why I tagged you all, today! I am going to tell you that in a bit.

FYI, this blog just turned 6 years old on this 1st September 2020. That means we knew each other for at least 5 years!

Reasons for tagging all of you is

  1. to say hi and renew our friendship. I also want to see if you all are still blogging or not.
  2. The other and more important reason is to give each other a reason to come back to blogging.

Asking/Offering a helping hand to all my old blogger friends

With the experience of 6 years, I know how hard it is to be a persistent blogger. I am happy for those who are still successfully continuing this blogging journey and I can feel the emotions of those who are struggling with inspiration and trying hard to be a regular blogger.

Today I am requesting you to come forward and share your present blogging status if you receive this pingback.

  • If you are still an active blogger, all well and good. Let us connect again, stay in touch and encourage each other.
  • If you are someone who lost the focus because of the uprising of Instagram and such and having an identity crisis, let's share our sorrows!
  • If you are regularly irregular like me, you probably need a bit of push and someone to encourage you, to be back on this path. So we both can take care of each other and lift each other up from blogger's block.
  • If you are not interested in blogging anymore, maybe we can just say hi and catch up. Its been years and I'm sure we have a lot to catch up.
  • If you are thinking about starting a new blog, well it is the golden opportunity to connect with others and draw some inspiration.

Whatever might be your situation, there is always a reason to say a simple 'Hi'. So please go ahead and do that.

<strong>Hi my dear good old Blogger friend, Will you say Hi?!</strong>

Blogger Friends from the beginning

Here is a list of my good old Blogger Friends.

Find your name in the list below.

Now, These people were with me from the beginning. You all are awesome. I am thankful to each and every one of you for these reasons...

Opinionated man who first reblogged my post and boosted my stats when I  had just started my blog.

Optimistic kid for being my early follower, I think he was the first one!

Aruna the doc who introduced me to 100 happy days

Agent Zee for enlightening me with her #light-hearted comments and for all the love and support

a regular indian girl who once agreed to give me a tour guide’s post, might not remember now!

Autowire for being interested in my pocket friendly travels

Carl who recently ticked off running the marathon from his bucketlist, for all his encouragement. I hope you are still running.

Cheefhobo for hosting me & blindly trusting me with his house keys. we need to meet in Bangalore.

Divya of Gypsy in jeans for being an inspiring travel blogger who comes up with interesting travel stories driven by curiosity.

Divyakshi of quirky wanderer : For inspiring me through interesting travel pictures and stories, consistently. Glad we met once in real.

Estelea for all the lovely, lively, fun comment conversations and sending updates from Vietnam.

Gill from whom I haven't heard in a long long time

Dr. Himanshu Bhatnagar for doing the initial editing of my book and reading it in one sitting. Hope you are busy with new ventures.

Himanshu for being an inspiring travel blogger and sharing amazing self drive trips with gorgeous pictures. Thank you for your recent Instagram comments.

Ivy Mosquito for the  bubbly QnA sessions.

Indah for being an Inspiring blogger and underwater photographer. We kind of still connects on Instagram though.

keyur : For inspiring me through his  amazingly creative photographs. hope you are still around brother.

Lataji for the support in almost all platforms I'm in and for the offer of writing a review for my book. Hope the Kaapi is still hot.

Lucile for those honest conversations, support and feedback. Glad we are connected on Instagram now.

Mauvora who first nominated me for an award. Hope you are there to give awards for more newbie bloggers.

Mel the beautiful chef who added the first bucket list entry. I think I have seen a few updates from you on Facebook.

Priyanka for continuing to inspire me to explore more of India. Are you in Mumbai these days?

Poodle for supporting all the time; who isn’t blogging now

Perelincolours for inspiring me to visit Antarctica and for the monthly photography lessons and that was a long time ago.

Rashmi  for the active participation in flash fiction challenge and for all the kind and encouraging words nd for failed plans of meeting.

Sayali who has been a constant support from the beginning. We still didn't meet even after many unplanned Mumbai visits.

Shooting star aka big B who always observes more and finds a new perspective whenever he decide to come back. I hope you are still around bro.

Sweety Kannoth for being the reason for flash fiction challenges and for all the encouragement for the recent book too.(which is again inspired by FFC)

Su..Nerd the scribbler who at times violates copyrights (ngee) and happily scribbles in the comment section. Cheers to our failed meeting plans.

Somni vision for advising me on the design of my blog during BU101. This sounds like ages ago though!

Sona for reading the draft line by line and for being a great friend, even today.

Tanvi for inspiring me with her amazing words and creativity

The failing adult the doc who is busy at present and gone behind a protected the blog

Tidlidim for the early support during BU101 days who is away from blog at present.

Upasana for an inspiring travel blogger by taking up 365 days of travel challenge. We are still connected on Instagram though.

wandering story teller, Nisha for all the nicks and long comment conversations and for recent professional advice and failed meeting plans

wise monkeys abroad for being the inspiration to walk the 'Path'. Hope you guys have done more pilgrimages.

On a later part of the journey some more amazing people joined.

Aadhira for though provoking comments and long commentersations and for the continuous support even during recent tough yet rewarding times.

Aakansha for the though provoking posts and support.

Aanchal for her travel stories and encouraging comments

Ady for all the supports and encouragement with that big grinning smiley. I hope you are still enjoying German way of life.

Amy for the person she is, the kindness, the encouraging words and for all the help. We do meet every now and then and lose contact all over again!

Andy for offering me a delicious treat if I ever visit Delhi. I have visited Delhi and forgot about this offer!

Anne a published author for the encouraging comments.

Anoop for all the comments, support and friendship. Ippo evideyanu bro, Dubai?

Afrin for sharing her beautiful calligraphy with me.

Ailene for nominating me for a blog award

Amrita for her occasional inspiring comments.

Ameena for the occasional comment love.

Alison and Don for being real inspiration for travelling and for following my blog and leaving valuable feedback. Good to see your Instagram updates though.

Archita for all the love and support through the beautifully encouraging comments. Glad we are still connected on Instagram.

Arundhati for all the support from BU 101 days.

Ana for the constant support through likes and comments

Ankita for all the encouragement and support and for joining the MM challenge. I'm sure you want to come back to the good old blogging day. I gathered that from one of your recent IG posts.

Asil for giving me a place in his hall of fame and for creating the most random and creative blog. You must be doing some crazy creative things by now!

Alok for the encouraging comments and likes. Thank you for your support. Would miss you here.

A Momma for all the likes and comments

Babe for the occasional thought-provoking comments and for disappearing all of a sudden.

Boeta for encouraging comments

Belle who has the amazing job that lets her travel, for the fun and encouraging comments

Badfish for all the encouraging comments and amazing photographs and stories from around the world, especially from Bali. Its hard to get a reply from the fish, but IG updates says the fish is still alive and kicking.

Backpacker Lee for being an inspirational backpacker and helping me during my Dubai trip through his blog posts.

BeTravelSmarta super amazing travel photography blog

Boho Hobo for being an inspirational wanderer and free spirit

Canaf for nominating me for a blog award

Cee for all the interesting contests and for featuring some of my pictures. I hope you are still running weekly challenges.

Chloe for the brilliant photographs. Somewhere on the way, we lost the contact.

Capt. Jill who inspired me with her stories from the sea. I hope you are still saiing around.

CC for the kind soul, kind words and love

Cheryl for actively participating in MM challenge

Crazy Colorful Turtle for the participation in MMC

Dewin for inspiring me through the most amazing and crafted comments every single time. I need to check if I have replied to your last mail! Hope you have published more books by now!

Desley for the occasional encouragement and jaw dropping shark pictures.

Diana for the lovely comments and stories from Italy

Doda for the lovely comments and appreciation.

Debbie for introducing me to the great culture of China

Dhidhak for the early support, invitation to Nepal  and award nomination.

Debbie for inspiring me with the look up challenge

Delida for nominating me for a blog award

Faith for nominating me for a blog award

Faraday's candle :These awesome sisters who are super interested in Science, for nominating me for award and for the lovely comments

Fimnora for the tarot reading and all the other helps. We should definitely needs to catch up!

Felicity all the conversations and advice on book publishing. Have you published more books?! I'm curious to read!

Hafza for very actively going through my posts and for the very inspiring thoughts

Hanne for her inspirational and interesting travel stories

Hargun for all the encouraging comments, support, for joining the MM challenge and for my first blog interview. I hope you are doing great.

Hogrider Dookes for being an inspirational biker. I'm enjoying your IG videos of your rides.

Indian Drifter for inspiring me with her thoughts and  by bravely going against the flow

Ish Kish Mish for the thoughtful comments and encouragement and for continuous support till date, here and in IG.

Jaaz aka Ajanta for joining the MMC

Jenny, a fellow travel blogger for the continuing support.

Julia for early encouragement and for sharing online free education sites.

Joshi Daniel, an amazingly talented photographer for encouraging me through his occasional visits. You are flying high brother. Good to know that you are part of GoPro elite family.

Jul for being an inspiration blogger who blogs in 3 different language at the same time.

Jonathan for the interesting stories from Japan and for the kind support

Jenny, a traveller, photographer and scuba diver

Jenny of Bull Dog Travels, a fellow travel blogger for the continuing support.

Kamila for inspiring travel tales from Europe

Khloe for her never-ending kind and sweet words. When did we lose contact Fab ur life Khloe?!

Kerry for her inspiring story and bucket list

Kamal for the constant likes and for his amazing photographs from Paris

Klaus & Sebastian for their amazingly creative photography and encouragement

Kavita for the rhyming poems and thoughtful comments

Kriti for nominating me for a blog award

Lisa for actively participating in MM challenge

María  muchas gracias por todo el apoyo

Maniparna for the lovely thoughtful comments and for lovely poems and stories. When Indiblogger was around I used to follow your updates.

Manasjaran for his nice comments and travel stories

Mandi for the earlier day's comment blog love

Madhu a very seasoned traveller, blogger and photographer who encouraged me by following my blog and with occasional comments. Glad to follow your journey on Instagram as well.

Maria for all the likes and support

Moon an inspiring travel blogger, artist and photographer for all the love and support. Thank you for your continuous support till day. Hope you are having a great weekends at Cubbon park!

Meher  for all the love, support and enthusiasm for learning photography. Hope you are doing great with your photography!

Margarita for her love towards India and for the nice comments

Madie for sharing the hard-earned wisdom

Namrata for the thoughtful and compassionate comments

Niki one of the newest addition to the friend's list for the encouraging comments.

Nina for her marvellous photography and motivating comments.

Nishita for her support and lovely writings

Nimmi for the lovely poems and lovely comments and for being super anonymous!

Neerja for all the encouragement and support

Naddieh for the "your photography tho" comments and love.

Nurul for her beautiful photography and encouragement through lovely comments.

OnChi for the thoughtful comments on my blog.

Otto for amazing photography feedback and inspiration

Principessa for the easy lazy recipe and all the lovely comments. I'm wondering about the sequels of your stories!

Prreeya  for the very long and  thoughtful comments. Are you still in Bangalore?

Paula for her encouraging comments on many photographs

Pamela for the very thoughtful daily quips and encouragement. Thank you for that one person who still 'Likes' my blog posts.

Peter for the amazing and inspiring travel stories.

Prajakta for the thought-provoking posts and all the support. Glad we are connected on IG these days.

Prakash for his thought-provoking and lovely poems and occasional comments. I think I have seen your presence on IG, but never talked yet!

Pancake Bunnykins for the lovely participation in MMC

Rob and Diane, an expat couple for going through my posts and leaving very thoughtful feedback.

Rosalyn of Mission to Mars for all the lovely comments and support. What is happening Doc?!

Rajiv for the occasional encouragement and inspiring film photography 

Rocio for common love for India, all the lovely comments and the perfect Spanish omelet recipe I am going to get. Thank you for your curious questions on IG.

Rachel for all the help during the BU 101

Rashida for the cool stories from Jamaica and nominating me for a blog award

Ruchi for the inspiring travel stories from the US

Rajiv a very helpful blogger friend who helped me in planning trips and by giving motorbike tips. Glad you are full on into travelling these days. That is a great upgrade from a travel blogger.

Rosanne for being a wonderful blogger friend and actively participate in MM challenge.

Satyender for the amazing travel stories from Himalayas and all the likes and constant support.

Shruti for the lovely words and encouragement who also disappered a while ago.

Sima for the inspiring stories from Spain

Souzapalooza a fellow Disney fan who supported with her lovely comments.

Sandy for the encouraging comments

Svetlana for the inspiring stories from her solo trip around the world and amazing pictures. Im glad to follow your updates from Egypt on IG.

Shashank for the kind comments and appreciations

Samjoth for all the hearty conversations, friendship, encouragement support and for the marketing 😉 Haven't talked in a while bro!!

Saana for her awesome travel stories from Finland and Europe

Spanish Wood for the regular likes and comments and awesome photography in her blog.

Shoma for encouragement and travel stories from India and abroad

Secret Parade for nominating me for an award

Surlene for the  comments and support

Soumya for the amazing very short yet profound stories and for remembering and referring me for a Blogging assignment.

Suyash for his awesome travel stories, inspiring NGO and occasional encouragement

Tish for joining in the MM challenge

Trina for sharing similar spiritual and travelling spirits

The doctor who always supported with likes and comments

Upen for the rhyming encouragements.

Uma, a multi talented person from my home state, for the kind comments. Glad you are still illustrating your creativity on IG.

Vibha for coming up with inspiring travel pictures

Vivek for the encouragement and feedback from Vipassnaa

Vyom  for the friendship and constructive criticism. Glad to have a great friend like you and thanks for the latest book review.

Yuliya for wonderful travel stories with toddlers and for all the support

The Awesome Flash Fiction Team

It all started with sweetykannoth

Continued by Soul n Spirit

Then they joined

Kevin who writes very effortlessly. I think I saw your recent comment somewhere.

Ruth the gorgeous young poet

James who creates amazingly amazing plot twists

Saya who took the trouble of editing the parts into a pdf

Wandering StoryTeller who was an expert in creating "twists"

Sona whose descriptions were vivid enough that one could actually feel it just like the Lahore story in One Girl Many Lives.

Manvi who enthusiastically joined on the first invitation itself.

Fren the doc who is an expert in palindrome poems. We have a recent IG meeting though.

Austin a wonderful writer who always brought some interesting elements into the fictions

Abirami the awesome teen writer in the team, probably the youngest. Hope she writes great coding stories these days.

Yinglan who writes almost every day to exercise the writing muscles!

Dr. Ko who comes up with quite innovative ideas. (even designed a few new stuffs for the stories). How was the continuation of MMC?!

Phaena who joined during the last few challenges who soon became confident to write in the subsequent chains.

Toby who got an itch to write amazing stuff and does the same every single time

Priceless Joy aka PJ who always came up with lovely story ideas

Well that is some list! If you happen to read this, I urge you to leave a hi. Let us restart our blogging journey together. Looking forward to meeting you all!!

And don't forget to say Hi!!

Written by : trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.
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