Nature Inspiration

Your Morning Coffee

Your Morning Coffee : A picture, A thought, And A surprise.

Nature Inspiration
Nature Inspiration

Let me Share a Secret.

The Easiest way to become a poet,

Don’t tell anyone, for it is my secret.

Go, sit in the nature, Ponder in silence,

Go, create a new blog post and type.

Type everything that comes to your mind

And  Do the “Enter and Center” Technique

And you have a poem now, something like this  😉

[PS : I do have utmost respect towards  the real poets and poems]

Click And enjoy Today’s Surprise Link .


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And I thought , poetry is never gonna be my cup of tea. Now I know, I can be an awesome and never before kind of poet. This is the best “your morning coffee” post.


Sure this is an ultimate secret for writing poem 😀 Thank you for your amazing tips and wonderful picture! <3


“You’re a poet
you don’t know it.” 😀


Ooops! I also like your ‘just do it’ poem and your surprise, a wonderful poem in itself and it’s led me to yet another interesting site! 🙂


Photo a beautiful example of atmospheric perspective, – another one to share with my students. Thank you!

Rambling Rose

Nice !!! (your poem) And your surprise link … what can I say? I am so glad I clicked. Gibran must be my favourite ….I shared on FB Uncannily it is in same vein of a morning meditation which I’d like to share : ‘ It was dualism that characterized the heresies that threatened to destroy the Christian perspective. .. Dualism that creates the impossible, unrealistic “either-ors” that cause so much unnecessary anguish: God or man,love of self or love of neighbour, cloister or the market place.’ (John Main: Word into Silence) Gibran poetically shows how to embrace both! Loading...

Fimnora Westcaw

I think that is a good secret! And one for all manner of creativity! 🙂

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