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Why you should travel on this valentine's day

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Valentine's day has been associated with romantic love since 14th century, if you decide to read upon the history of Valentine's day. Flowers, sweets and cards joined the party by 18th century. Probably from that point onwards, giving gifts to loved ones has become an integral part of Valentines day.


On this occasion of 2020's  Valentine's day, I feel travelling is the best thing one can gift either to themselves or to their loved ones.


Single or not, traveling is the best Valentine's day gift one can possibly think and here is why.


Single? Why you should travel solo on this Valentine's day

Are you planning to post on your social media, "Yet another Valentine's day, still single" sort of post? Think again. You can do better posts this year!


  • When you travel all by yourself, it teaches you more and more things about you. You understand what you are really capable of, what are the areas you can improve in yourself and so on.  Travelling solo is one of the best way towards self improvement. So go ahead, travel solo and fall in love with yourself more!


  • When you travel solo, you are opening  yourself to the possibility of meeting and interacting with more people. If you are with a friend or a group of friends, most of your time will be spent with them only. But when you are solo, you have more probability of finding your future partner. After all it is valentine's day. Keep your hopes high!

Still Confused about that person? Set up a travel date this valentine's day

You both feel infatuated towards each other, but still a bit confused? Traveling has the answer to your confusions. You understand more about the other person while doing something together other than talking about dreams and plans for hours.


Certain situations that travel might bring up can really test the character of the person. If such situation arises, that will be a moment of truth. You will learn more about the other person. You might fall in love deeper with that person. Well, this is the Valentine's day time, lets be optimistic and keep our hopes high!


Recently in love? Travel to find the real compatibility

When you think you are in love, during those initial days, you might only see the rosy side of your partner. You can easily NOT see any bad side of the person. Everything looks great. Well that is how it is supposed to be.


Travelling can be the real compatibility test for the  couples who are recently in love. If you pass the tests put forward by traveling, you have better chances getting along in the long run. This test can be much better than any numerology compatibility test you've secretly tried on the internet!


In Love/Married for long? Rekindle the spark

What is a better occasion than Valentine's day to rekindle the spark in your long standing relationship? Do you really need an occasion to do that? Not really. But since there is a world wide accepted day to do something for your loved ones, why not make it a bit special by going on a romantic trip?


If you don't really travel together much, this valentine's day will be a perfect occasion to gift your partner with a surprise trip. May this trip make your relationship super special.

Friends are everything? Travel with them!

For some people there can't be any stronger relationship than friendship. For such people, any given day they prefer to travel with their buddies. Well why restrict valentine's day with romantic relationships alone? Make it an excuse to travel more!


Do you wish to get a valentine's day gift for yourself?

Here is your chance to get a valentine's day gift for yourself. Comment below what your reasons are to travel on this Valentine’s day. I will choose one best answer and will be sending a lovely postcard.


There is a Valentine's day trip is also happening which I'm organising if you aren't aware. Check out Spiritual Gokarna


Written by : Trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.
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