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Welcome to Disney Land Resort, California

Downtown Disney

Wednesday Disney #1

Once upon a time in the Sunny Southern California, someone went to visit Disney land.

on the way to Disney land
on the way to Disney land

It was a Sunny day as usual, in California

Disney Land Resort welcomes you
Disney Land Resort welcomes you

Maybe it was a usual day, but not for that someone.

First views from Disney land resort
First views from Disney land resort

There was this excitement of the  curiosity by the unknown surprise that awaits. { Don’t worry, just too much excitement }

Downtown Disney
Downtown Disney

One step closer to the excitement!

A few more footsteps away from happiness ;)
A few more footsteps away from happiness 😉

But next step, next week 😉 Stay tuned!

Next : Enter the world of Fantasy

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

118 thoughts on “Welcome to Disney Land Resort, California

  1. haha loved the way you did this post…giddy-like. I could feel the excitement. And i am officially jealous… you have been to so many cool places that i can only dream about

    1. haha.. officially jealous 😀 I like that word. I have seen in one of your posts that other people jealous of you because of similar reasons 😛

    1. haha.. welcome on board 🙂 As I was more interested in having the fun rather than taking the pictures, number of pictures are les this time. But anyway you will get a general idea. 🙂

    1. haha 😀 You know there was a long wait for me too, to enter inside the happiest place 😛 So the series is also giving the same feeling! 😀

    1. I heard that Disney world is bigger than Disney land. Maybe better too, with much more rides and space! I’m not sure though. Maybe you can visit and tell me 😀

  2. I’ve been to Disneyland three times and every time there’s some kind of chaos happen to me. The crowd, the long lines waiting is not my kind of place to be.

          1. I have a few memories, like standing waiting to get on a ride, and the crowds that were there. I remember riding the Cup and Saucer and the boat ride that went through an area that was suppose to look like Early America with pioneers and Native Americans. I also remember going on a boat ride through a dark tunnel that was suppose to be scary. That is pretty much all I can recall.

  3. Would you mind telling me what do you work as? Don’t tell me you are another Santosh George in making… I envy you.

    Enjoy your trip, US is a nice place. Get us some good pics 🙂

    I also want to go too ….

      1. It’s a dream to tour west, looks like an expensive dream. I’ll have to save for the lens and then for the trip 😛

        Thanks for sharing. !!!

          1. Yeah something similar… So easier to pick up if you are well versed with Hindi… but still different…But a lot of people tend to replace Nepali words with Hindi while speaking the former …

      1. I know what you mean,similar thing happened in my recent visit to Hirakud Dam (Longest Dam in the World) in my small state and near my hometown. The experience was overwhelming and I realized your words that day 🙂

        1. That is a different kind of experience. Blow away by the breath taking view, maybe. But in Disney, too less time and too much rides. If you start documenting things, you wouldn’t be able to see everything in a day. Only time for a picture was during the waiting in the long lines.

          1. Yes,that does happen in fun parks, how many scary rides you did ? Wait,I suppose,you will share the thrilling experiences later ? 🙂

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