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Vote & Learn #2 : Straighten your Horizon

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The results of Vote & Learn #2  is out. Thank you for your participation.

Result of Vote & Learn #2
Result of Vote & Learn #2

We have an almost unanimous winner here #1








So most of the people who have participated in the voting seemed to like the first one, even though the actions happening in the first one is less impressive, while a lot of things are happening in the third one.

All the other elements in all three pictures remain more or less the same. Only the interesting action happening is in 3rd picture, still it wasn’t appealing to most of you. Majority, 80% of the voters selected the first picture. Why?!

Because I think the visually appealing picture is  #1.


The one difference between #1 and others is the HORIZON.

Horizon is horizontal and parallel to the frame in #1 and it is not the case in #2 and #3. So the Horizon can make or break a picture!

Some of the high-end cameras have sensors that helps one to get their horizon, horizontal. Unfortunately I don’t have that camera.

So how to get that Horizon Horizontal?

If you are using a cell phone camera or point and shoot camera, you will probably using the LCD screen. If the grid lines are ON, then you can easily align the horizon with any of the lines and make it horizontal, and can position the horizon according to Rule of Thirds.

If you are viewing through the view finder, align it with the AF points or any other references.

But ‘it’ happens! At times we ended up getting a picture with not so horizontal horizon, even after all the precautions. Thanks, it is a digital era and we have a lot of simple softwares available that helps us to correct this elementary error.

Mostly I use Picasa. There is an option called “straighten”.

In Photoshop you can even adjust the picture by 0.1 degree angle! There is an option in Instagram to straighten the picture. So most of the softwares available will help you to correct it and make it a picture like this.

#3 after correction
#3 after correction


So want more examples?

The man of the beach
The man of the beach
Photo of the Day

Now we know the rule.

So its time for us to break the rule!

Rules? What is that?! :P
Rules? What is that?! :P`

Happy Clicking.  Keep experimenting.

Let me know your feedbacks, What do you want to include in this series etc. Do share , because sharing is caring 😀

Next Vote & Learn  on Monday Hopefully.

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

60 thoughts on “Vote & Learn #2 : Straighten your Horizon

  1. I personally like the original version of the 3rd. The reason for that is the angle draws your attention to the camera man and makes u follow the line, only to find the 2 ppl being photographed. So I think to capture the moment of someone capturing a moment works best in the original version but the straightened version is great for having a picture that looks good. I guess it all depends on what you are looking for in a pik 🙂

    1. Woe. That is a very interesting observation.i never thought that the angle made by the horizon could be a leading line!!
      Yes I guess it depends on how you want to interpret and enjoy the picture. But as you can see the voting results. Most people are looking for the conventionally good looking picture.
      But I like your observation very much. Thank you for the suggestion 🙂

        1. I guess both. You click only those things that your heart says I believe. And you want others to enjoy them as well. If others cannot enjoy what I am creating., then what is the point in presenting it in front of them?!
          What are your observations?

          1. I kinda guessed u wud say both 😀 You make very valid points. Yes, photography is not my profession so I focus more on clicking a picture that represents my vision rather than the one fits in the rules lol. Not everyone will associate w a pik the same way but thas ok. I do intend to create photo books in the future so I will keep your suggestions in mind when i click photos for that purpose 🙂 Thanks for ur insight. I was just curious thas all. Hope u dint take it as a judgement on ur techniques or anything 🙂

          2. Photography is not my profession as well, How I wish it is 😀
            I am just sharing what I wanted to learn when I got my first proper camera a couple of years ago.
            Usually everyone tends to get “wow, nice, beautiful” comments. it is good to have a more insightful comments. So I appreciate your questions 🙂

  2. Never thought it that way !!! Thank you so much for the lesson 🙂 Picassa has straighten option !! Have to check it. But loved the the outcome in 3rd picture 🙂

          1. Anything,everything !!!!! How to click a street scene/everyday scenery and make it better, is this a simple topic ?? Indian streets are not exactly appealing with too much traffic and other things I feel.

          2. I think you can apply these basic principles of Composition in any photography scenarios. Anyway I will do what I can do in this topic 🙂
            Well you can not change Indian streets to get a better picture. So you work within the system to get the best. The chaos makes it interesting to capture!! A photographer finds beauty in everything, even in chaos 😀

          3. So far zero luck or you can say I am failing in composition ! Also a girl holding camera even though I try to be subtle,I do get glances which is a bit disorienting … 🙁

          4. It is Ady 🙂 everyone calls me that 😀 That’s why I too want to be near nature but I am surrounded by crowd and buildings 🙁

          5. You already see what I get here 😀 So much I long for sea and open spaces and nature but….. I can’t even visit places like parks/sanctuary here without a chaperon(it’s not easy to grab someone to accompany me every time) because of the news we all read everyday 🙁

          6. yea.. I get it.
            But I have a terrible confession to make! Until today I thought Ady is a boy’s name. I am sooo sorry 😀 I wouldn’t have understood you if you didn’t say you’re the girl holding a camera 😀

          7. Which guy will give ’roundworldnme’ and ‘colorpaletteofady’ as blog name,they sound girly 😀
            Though I always was a tom-boy and loved the fact, seems like I still have a touch of it 😛 Surely my comments must have sound feminine, or at least weird for a guy I think 😀

          8. I wouldn’t mind that too ,in fact I believe boys are lucky when it comes to photography and many things ,makes me envious sometimes 😀 In online games too boys are regarded as better threat so many times it’s good to ‘BE A BOY’ there 😀

  3. Thanks a lot !!! I love your tips, makes it so easy to understand for a lazy bone like me. I have been looking for this kind of advices for a long time, big thanks :)) plus I m so happy I won the ticket , merry Xmas to you too 😉

    1. I have been a lazy bone all the time. So now I am giving back to my community 😛
      Glad to know that you are liking it Encouragement like yours keeps me going 🙂 So A big thanks to you.
      And enjoy the beach view and sun 😀
      Merry Christmas to you too 🙂

  4. Waiting a minute… I just leaned to follow the rule, now you are breaking it. Thank you so much for another cool lesson. I need to learn to apply to my photo shots. 🙂 Love the last one, Wow!

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