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Spiritual Gokarna

You've definitely heard about Gokarna for sure. You might have heard that it is the new alternative to Goa or that it is the new place to chill. Whatever you have heard, all of them are true. But there is so much more to receive from Gokarna apart from these, for those who are prepared to receive.

For example, in something that we'd like to call the 'Kudle bubble', there is another way of life thriving hidden from the "Tourist Radar". There is a constant stream of spirituality flowing around everywhere for those who are ready to receive.

The question is, are you ready to receive?

Start Date : February 14, 2020
End Date : February 17, 2020

Trip Update :

GOKARNA TRIP REPORT can be found here.

(Not Your Usual) Itinerary

Here is what your days will look like, right from the day you leave your current city limits, which is Bangalore in this case.

Chapter 1 : The Escape

14.02. 2020

After 5 long days of a hectic or boring work schedule, the much awaited Weekend is here! The wait for these two days is finally over. Now you can escape from your weekly reality to another more beautiful reality. This is the beginning of your escape phase.

Friday Night Sleeper Non AC Bus from Bangalore

Chapeter 2 : Unleashing Fun, the old life's way!


Exploring Gokarna; checking out the beaches, hopping the beach side shacks and cafes, swimming in the sea, counting the waves, building sand castles, watching the sunset, taking the long beach walks etc. This is the day we do all kinds of fun activities that we can do on a weekend fun trip.

Saturday fun at the beach, just like always.

Chapter 3 : A New life Initiation


Exploring the inner self with the people of Gokarna; learning a few new skills, understanding many other lives, opening up to new possibilities, learning to surrender, getting quite close to enlightenment and so on. This is the day we get to the 'introduction to spirituality' part in Gokarna.

A sunny Sunday with a few special people of Gokarna

Chapter 4 : Back to Reality


A night bus from Gokarna to Bangalore will take you back to your beloved city. But hopefully, you are a different person back at your usual desk. This is the day to ponder over the last couple of days and write your insights in that journal.

A Monday morning to ponder

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Oscar Wilde said “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” 
We understand that you are not one among them. 

Price per person : 8500/-

Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions : 
  • Transportation from Bangalore to Bangalore on a Non AC sleeper bus
  • Transportation within Gokarna
  • Food : Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday
  • Accommodation (Twin sharing basis)
  • Some cool Activities and learning

Exclusions : 
  • Anything that is not mentioned in Inclusion
  • Any tips or gratuity
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