One of the most beautiful Sunsets

Travel Diary | Day 6 : Day of the beautiful Sunset

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12.10.2014 [ Sunday ]

Sunday, a lazy day. Woke up in the large hall of the dormitory. As there were no one else to share the room, the entire hall was for me. Sometimes you can get lucky like this.

One big hall, all for myself
One big hall, all for myself

So this entire hall was all for myself and I paid 250 rupees per day, which was the charge for one bed in that dormitory.

Gaurav called me in the morning and asked me to join him for the break fast. So woke up from my lazy sleep and got ready to head out. As I didn’t have the bicycle with me that day, I had to rely on hitch hiking. Thanks to the kind people, I reached Gaurav’s place in time. Then we went to a street side shop for our breakfast. Street side idli shops are the best in Tamil Nadu ( Mostly 😉 ) Then I met this guy from last nights singing festival. I had his pictures in my camera. I showed him those pictures  and his face brightened up. Then I clicked one more time.

Happy Children
Happy Children

The singer( in white T) and his friend.

After the breakfast I went back to get Gaurav’s bike and then head out to explore further.

Went to Tibetan pavilion and there was a photo exhibition going on.

Prayer flags in Tibetan Pavilion
Prayer flags in Tibetan Pavilion

It was the photos from Kalachakra ceremony of Tibetans that took place in 2014 at Leh. I met the photographer, and she asked me if I could take her photos with the photo exhibition. So that’s how I photographed the photographer 😀

Photographing the photographer
Photographing the photographer

After the photo session, I enjoyed their hospitality, tasted some Tibetan tea, had some interesting conversation,  said good-bye and then head out for some more sight-seeing.

On my way, I have noticed some interesting perspective of our multi purpose vehicle, the great Indian auto-rikshaw aka Tuk tuk. (After travelling with some foreign tourists for some time, these days I find myself using the term tuk tuk instead of auto 😀 )

Tuk-tuk, an artist's perspective
Tuk-tuk, an artist’s perspective


Another Tuk tuk
Another Tuk tuk

These are painted on the walls of Bharat Nivas. This place looks really nice due to these wall paintings.

Today’s exploration took me to Upasana, an organic clothing design studio. They design and produce some really nice organic clothing items.

Upasana at Auroville
Upasana at Auroville

You can find more details if you search Upasana Auroville.

There are some cool places in and around this place. While passing through such a place, I noticed this creative idea.

Bamboo Street lamp
Bamboo Street lamp

This place, Auroville is full of creative ideas for alternate and organic living.

But the best part of the day came in the evening. After chasing the sun, almost every evening without much success, at last the evening had arrived! I was at the right time, at the right place. I didn’t have any particular plans and just went to check if there were any familiar faces in that place. But there weren’t any. And I was about to leave. Then it happened.

One of the most beautiful Sunsets
One of the most beautiful Sunsets

I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in Auroville. And that too without chasing it. It happened in front of me.

There wasn’t pretty much things to do that evening. I returned the bicycle.  And  I spent the rest of the day with this beautiful colourful memory. Hitch hiked back to dorm, had dinner from some nearby shop and slept well thinking about the big day tomorrow!  Yes! Tomorrow, Day 7 is going to be a big day!! Something special is going to start!



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Such an interesting post, Jithin. Love the bamboo street lamp, and that sunset is really epic. 🙂


Simply Beautiful 😉


Great explorations!! Love the kids in the photo… Such happy smiles! And the sunset is magical! 🙂

Kamila Pala

Wonderful virtual trip! Beautiful photos – my favorite is sunset :)! Bye. Kamila



Minty Mile

see such a positive creature!!… we went to Yercaud… hope I have something interesting to say about it… goodday

Minty Mile

The sunset movement that was unexpected I am sure was like a gift, happened to me several times last year… don’t expect something and what you wanted or desired happens, makes life exciting… goodday

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