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Travel Diary | Day 20 : The Art Chakra day

Published on : December 16, 2014
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[ 26.10.2014 [ Sunday ]

Finally the day I was waiting for all these time had arrived. There was a biweekly event called  ‘Art Chakra’ and that was happening that day. It is a platform for artists, photographers, musicians or whoever want to present some form of art in front of other like-minded people.  Thus I got a platform to present my photography.

I woke up early in the morning to finish my presentation. I didn’t even pick all the pictures for the presentation. I had only done a half of the presentation the previous night. Somehow I finished it before breakfast. Did a bit of laundry as I wasn’t sure if I would get a chance to do it once I start moving from this place.

I wasn’t too late when I returned to the venue after my breakfast. The program hadn’t started yet even though it was about  time.

Art chakra Bharat Nivas

Art chakra @ Bharat Nivas

Guess what, there was no electricity! That was the reason it hadn’t started. So there were two simple choices to make, either to cancel the whole thing, or do the presentation on a smaller screen. I had my laptop with me and one another participant had her Mac. So we decided to do the presentation on the laptop screen instead of the big projector screen! Everyone was glad that we were still doing it rather than simply cancelling the event.

That day I met some amazing artists. There were photographers, digital artists, animators, musicians, Engineers and many other wonderful people.

Some guy presenting his stuff

Some guy presenting his stuff

Musician at work

Musician at work

I was really thankful to be there with those amazing people. Their passion and enthusiasm was contagious. And these very things I will miss once I leave from this place.

The best part I liked was the unconventional music those amazing musicians had performed. Short video is here

With that superb musical performance, art chakra came to an end.

It was almost time for lunch by then. We all had lunch together from a nearby restaurant. Then I got a call from a friend who was leaving that day to Thiruvannamalai,, where I was heading next. He needed a lift. So after the lunch I went to meet him and helped him with his luggage. After he left, I met some other friend and  we spent time till evening.

Last Evening At Auroville

Last Evening At Auroville

In the evening I went for a short walk chasing the sunset and wasn’t my lucky day. I walked a long distance chasing it and without success. By the time I came back, it was already dark.

Sickle moon night

Sickle moon night

So I took the picture of the moon and went to have dinner. I thought the day was over, but at the restaurant I met some more awesome people and had interesting conversations.

I even made a plan to go to a beach next day early morning , even though I was leaving the place that morning itself.

That friend dropped me at my couch surfer, and promised to pick me up the next day morning from that spot. So a plan was made from nowhere.

At Auroville, you don’t make plans, plans happen to you!

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Written by : trablogger
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