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Travel Diary | Day 19 : The Farewell day

Published on : December 11, 2014
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[ 25.10.2014 [ Saturday ]

It was yet another Saturday for any other volunteer, but not for me. This was my last day at Sadhana forest. I was not sad , but the day seemed to be a dull day. There was no morning wake up song as it was Saturday. Every one was lazy and sleeping, that morning. The atmosphere was a bit gloomy because of the cloudy sky.  Or maybe I was just making up those reasons.

Even the main hut looked sad

Even the main hut looked sad

It was during morning breakfast time I announced that I was leaving the forest, in a couple of hours. I passed around the cute small Sadhana book during this time so that everyone could leave their contact details.

Everyone who visited Sadhana at least once, would have this book with them. I guess it is a Sadhana tradition. And I can say that this book is something that I will cherish for a long time to come. Now I know where to seek some happiness when I am sad. Those words written by my Sadhana friends can brighten up any dark days in my life. There are some books that will invite you to write on it. I think I have found one such book. Sooner this book has become my travel journal.

As it was a Saturday morning, after the breakfast people started to leave for the day out. I competed  my checking out procedures and was ready to leave. My fried had offered to drop me at Gaurav’s place where I was going to spend the rest of the day. But she had some early morning Yoga class, so I had to wait for her to come back. So I was waiting in the main hut with my backpack.

That day main hut was chosen by two musicians to practice their skills. One was with a guitar and the other one with a mandolin. And both of them are Sadhana volunteers. They were jamming together and immersing themselves in their amazing music. I was lucky to be the only spectator watching and listening them. I didn’t even feel like going and grabbing my camera to record it or at least to take a picture of it. I was also enjoying that moment.  And I found myself writing in the Sadhana diary.

This place is amazing. This  is one  way to live your life. The artists, the musicians, the trail blazers, the different breed of people living in a forest which used to be a land with no shades at all. The pleasure of living, the happiness of growing your own food, the excitement of generating your own electricity, the joy of sustainable living. I love this place. I love this moment. I don’t know if it is the music or the cloudy beautiful weather, that makes me sad. Or is it the feeling of gratitude? I don’t even know what feeling it is. But it is a beautiful feeling indeed which I would definitely want to experience again and again. I now realise the power of music, the emotions that it can evoke. I want to be in the company of people, this great people, these inspiring, interesting people. I don’t want to go back and I wish it was possible.

During my last announcement or last speech I said I was leaving behind dream like reality to go back to my real reality. Yes, i do consider Sadhana as a dream like reality!

Soon my ride came, I thanked whoever was still around, said good bye and left the magical place.

My friend dropped me at Couch surfing host Gaurav. Then we had lunch, repaired a broken moped, done a small acro yoga session, saw the sunset, had dinner, went to see a comedy night, half-prepared a presentation and the day was over. Time to crash. After a long time I was sleeping in a proper bed that night. And tomorrow going to be an interesting day.

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Written by : trablogger
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