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Travel Diary | Day 18 : The Last Friday

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[ 24.10.2014 [ Friday ]

At last I had decided! It was time to leave the place. Yes, the next day, would be my last day at Sadhana forest. I was going to leave  behind those wonderful people, lovely vegan food, the beautiful community living, exciting sevas in the forest and lots more.

Goodbyes are hard, but that is part of Sadhana life. People come, stay and go. But when they go, they are changed people. But Sadhana remains the same. It always keeps its doors open, for new ones as well as for the returning ones.  And the Sadhana life moves on, no matter who leaves or who joins.

So it was time for the first morning seva. This week we have collected over 2000 tree saplings from a nearby nursery outside Sadhana. We were busy keeping them in our nursery as well as planting them in the forest.  Today will be my last day of planting trees until I come back some day which is in the 'indefinite future'. I thoroughly enjoyed the last day of planting trees, in the rain. Came back for breakfast and after the breakfast continued the seva in the Nursery. That continued till lunch time.

Post lunch I was free. But I hung around the kitchen. As it was Friday and guests would come for the tour. So an extra hand might be of help to the kitchen team, I thought. But only thing I was asked to do was to count the number of guests once they arrive, so that they could plan the dinner accordingly.

So I decided to spend time reading something in my hut. I had some books with me. Also there is a nice library in Sadhana which is open for all, at any time. Reading went on till the guests came, in the evening. They were taken to the forest for the tour. After the tour we all enjoyed watching the eco movie 'wild Brazil'.  The beauty of Brazilian wildlife is breath-taking, I realised.

After the Eco movie, we-all the volunteers of Sadhana joined together to serve dinner for our guests. We all sat in a big circle and after the moment of silence, had our vegan dinner.

My day was not over yet, even after the dinner. I had to do the dinner cleaning that day. Most probably the last seva of my Sadhana stay. It was a coincidence that I started off my Sadhana life with 'cleaning' and my last seva is also cleaning. First day it was breakfast cleaning. This time it was dinner cleaning. And the big metal pot where they made the vegan laddoo was really hard to clean and it wasn't going back to its super shiny face! It took a long time for us to clean everything. I came for the dinner cleaning  in between some conversations and I wanted to go back as soon as I finished this.

It was my last night in Sadhanaa and I felt like talking to my friends till morning. As there was no need to wake up early on Saturdays, late night conversations wasn't a problem for them. We talked a lot. I had this cute small diary from Sadhana in which they wrote their thoughts, their experience and wishes. When we felt it was considerably late, we said good nights and went to sleep.

The next day I wouldn't be sleeping in those huts!! Anyway I snuggle inside my blanket and tried to sleep. One last time!

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Written by : Trablogger
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[…] Travel Diary | Day 18 : The Last Friday […]

5 years ago

Amazing..I enjoyed reading this..wonderful blog..!


A beautiful post of your last day in the forest. How cool it is to be planting trees in this forest for future generations to enjoy.

Gave a little "shout out" for you my friend. Hope you don't mind. It is in the comments of this post..


Reply to  trablog

My pleasure, my friend! 🙂

Soul n Spirit
5 years ago

Vegan laddoo sounds really interesting. Must be good to eat. Grand farewell to the forest world. 🙂

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