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Travel Diary | Day 17 : The Diwali day

Published on : December 9, 2014
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[ 23.10.2014 [ Thursday ]

Today its Diwali, the celebration of lights. As it is a special day, there was no sevas in Sadhana forest. Everyone was free to go outside and celebrate Diwali.

I went out with my friends. Went to Auroville. Spent some time here and there.  Some special Diwali celebration was happening at Upasana, an organic textile design unit in Auroville. We visited that place in the evening. Most of the people in Auroville were already there. The entire area was decorated with lights.

Some pictures from the evening.

The diwali celebrations

The diwali celebrations

The diwali celebrations

The diwali celebrations

The diwali celebrations

The diwali celebrations

And the day ended with a  heavy dinner from a nearby restaurant.  Nothing too exciting happened this day. So I am keeping it short.

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Written by : trablogger
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