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Travel Diary | Day 15 : The Music Night Again

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[ 21.10.2014 [ Tuesday ]

I found myself enjoying the routines of Sadhana. Early morning wake up call, morning circle, first seva in the forest most of the days that too in the rain, breakfast, adventurous second seva and lunch. And then a couple of community shifts in a week.

But the interesting thing was the freedom to go to Auroville in the afternoons, if there were no community shifts on that particular day. Sometimes we used to go after the dinner too.

Today I went out in the afternoon, after the lunch. I went to meet my friend who was staying in one of the Auroville guest houses. He is from Brazil. The first thoughts about Brazil for me would be Carnival, football and their enthusiasm. This dude was no different. It was a pleasure to be with this ever smiling happy dude, who also happened to be an amazing music lover.

We had a small musical jamming session. On my phone I had a few lines written by myself. Within seconds he gave those words a life. Music happens naturally to this guy. He sang it at least 5 different ways along with his Ukulele. I have a very short clipping of it uploaded in my Facebook page. You can watch it from here

The jamming session

The music creation continued for an hour or so. Later that evening we went to see the Music night. Some snaps from the music night.

The Music team

The Music team

Creating wonders

Creating wonders

The spectator

while The spectator watches it

The spectator and the performer

and another spectator and the performer

Technology behind the art

Have a look at the Technology behind the art

The end

The end

This day was fully of music. Right from the morning wake up call song, after noon jamming session and the musical night at the end. Now its time to listen to the music of sweet dreams.

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Written by : Trablogger
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Your friend is magical on that Ukulele! 🙂

Reply to  trablog

Watched it several times (was only like 9 seconds), but he added all those extra (not sure if this is the right term) strums. 🙂

5 years ago

You keep making it difficult to choose one. So beautiful. I go for the two spectators. Spectacular! 😉

5 years ago
Reply to  trablog

How silly of me!

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