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Today, Let's enter the world of Fantasy

To join the happy crowd

Wednesday Disney #2

We were at the entrance

Now Lets get the tickets

Get the ticket

Lets get the map

The Disney map

Lets leave today

Welcome to the world of Fantasy

And lets  enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy

To join the happy crowd

the happiest place on earth, many said

some more people

Lets find out the truth! But in the next post..

But before we go, some easy facts from the Map.

Disneyland is divided into 8 sections

  • 1 Main Street, U.S.A.
  • 2 Adventureland
  • 3 New Orleans Square
  • 4 Frontierland
  • 5 Critter Country
  • 6 Fantasyland
  • 7 Mickey’s Toontown
  • 8 Tomorrowland

and so many attractions in each sections.

Lets visit them in the next post  : Lets go try some Disney Rides

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

68 thoughts on “Today, Let's enter the world of Fantasy

  1. It must be a long, long line at the entrance, took a week to get in from the entrance. 😀 When will the fun time starts? Love these images of this world of yesterday, today,… 🙂

    1. haha 😀 that is very true. If I waited there half an hour, it will be reflected as a week on the blog 😛 Fun time will start soon.
      Thank you.
      Well if you are impatient, you can visit in person (maybe once again) 😀

      1. Actually, I think it’s very clever to post a travel experience by segments, like the ‘War” show you did. I normally get overwhelmed by the of travel posts with dozens of photos and stories and info… Yes, I have visited a few times, by myself and with my husband, then my mother, …later daughter. 🙂

        1. Yes, you are right. When you are posting all the pictures and everything together, the blog reader, who come across 100s of posts a day, can easily over look something important, or may not really enjoy the post. Keeping it short can ensure that they get what they are supposed to get from a post.

          As you have visited many times, you can point out if I make any mistakes when my memory serves me wrong 😀

          1. Agree, a blog post should be served as one, like you have done. Wrong, here? That hasn’t happened and will never happen here! 🙂

  2. Do you all have fantasy parks in your country? We also have a fantasy park in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas called “Six Flags Over Texas.” It isn’t as big as Disneyland but almost as much fun (an probably not as expensive).

        1. I guess you can find such parks in almost every country in the world. ( I don’t think there will be one in Antarctica though. Anyway going there itself is a great adventure 😀 )

          1. Yes, my daughter and her husband lived there for 15 years so I got to go there 2 different times. I was about 40 miles above Anchorage, Alaska and it was stunningly beautiful! I was there one summer/fall and one year at Christmas (winter). In fact, I was at the airport in Anchorage getting ready to board my plane to come home when the 911 terrorist attacks happened. It happened about 10 minutes before I was to board my flight and the President grounded all air travel in the U.S. immediately. I had to spend one more week in Alaska. It was very eerie.

          2. That is quite interesting. Ever since I saw the movie ‘into the wild’ I wanted to visit Alaska. Good to meet someone who visited many times 🙂

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