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Throwback Thursday | Do you Delete your Blurry Pictures?

Blur is Beautiful

blur, photography tips, long exposure
Blur is beautiful

One simple Question : Do you delete your Blurry images?!

Because it is not cool?

Because it is blurred?

Sometimes I don’t delete blurry images.

Read on to find out.

Blur is Beautiful

And let me know your views on this.

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31 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday | Do you Delete your Blurry Pictures?

  1. As a keen photographer, I cannot stand blurry pics. I always delete them, usually straight away from the camera. I wouldn’t even upload them to my laptop if they were blurry 😛

  2. I generally don’t toss out any photo—you never know! And oddly, I just posted with a couple of blurry shots, shots I loved but wouldn’t have shown, but the prompt was about “motion,” so I got to use them. Yours are pretty dang cool, artistic images!

  3. I love these trablog. I actually love doing this when I am in the car. (Not when I am the one driving, LOL!) They can turn out really cool. Yours of course, are awesome. I agree, blur can be beautiful. 🙂 -CC

        1. I was asking if you want to post them. Otherwise you can just leave the link to those files in the comment, It will show up.
          And don’t compare yourself with anyone 🙂

  4. There’s a difference between a blur and a shake . Blur can be beautiful and yes can be also rectified if need be in Photoshop. But a shake is a disaster.
    Enuf of Gyaan . Coming back to your question. I don’t always delete blurred pictures coz most of them depict motion 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing the gyan. It is good to get some feedbacks from the professionals 🙂
      But I do like certain shaky images. I love to created slow shutter shaky images.

  5. My son and I have this debate often. I actually like blurry photos. Not always, of course, but very often I find the “abstract” quality in a blurry shot quite interesting.

  6. Recently I had one such image and I saw a tree in front with such lines, but your pics are really nice,even blurs give you your way !! Btw,this is from new site i created today…. 🙂

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