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Throwback Thursday | Do you Delete your Blurry Pictures?

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As a keen photographer, I cannot stand blurry pics. I always delete them, usually straight away from the camera. I wouldn't even upload them to my laptop if they were blurry 😛


I always do!! Yours look quite arty though 🙂


i like blur sometimes too. especially at night w lights it always creates interesting shapes like hearts.


I generally don't toss out any photo---you never know! And oddly, I just posted with a couple of blurry shots, shots I loved but wouldn't have shown, but the prompt was about "motion," so I got to use them. Yours are pretty dang cool, artistic images!


Are you back home now?


Reminds me...I need to get a new visa for India. Last one was a five-year, multiple entry.


I love these trablog. I actually love doing this when I am in the car. (Not when I am the one driving, LOL!) They can turn out really cool. Yours of course, are awesome. I agree, blur can be beautiful. 🙂 -CC


Sure, I still have some..I don't know how to on yours..and they are not as good as yours....at alll 🙂


Oh yes that is what I meant..oh ok..link in comments... yes, I will look for them 🙂


There's a difference between a blur and a shake . Blur can be beautiful and yes can be also rectified if need be in Photoshop. But a shake is a disaster.
Enuf of Gyaan . Coming back to your question. I don't always delete blurred pictures coz most of them depict motion 🙂

Indah Susanti

No..blurry can be artistic like this one 🙂


My son and I have this debate often. I actually like blurry photos. Not always, of course, but very often I find the "abstract" quality in a blurry shot quite interesting.


blurs can be more effective than straight shots


Recently I had one such image and I saw a tree in front with such lines, but your pics are really nice,even blurs give you your way !! Btw,this is from new site i created today.... 🙂


Pond !!! How did you know ?? I didn't mention ! clairvoyance 😛 It was not a pond but lagoon though 😛



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