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Those good old days!!

Those good old days!!
Those good old days!!

Any other captions for Salad days?

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

37 thoughts on “Those good old days!!

      1. thanks glad you are enjoying how early real life experience developed into not only a nylon stocking fetish but also a nylon panty fetish as well. so many more ecperiences to share from those years living with my dear Aunt Helen iff you are interested?

          1. have already written a few posts but only interested in sharing with thos who appreciate and truly understamd such as yourself.

          2. yes already have written a few posts but really only interested in sharing these personal stories with folks like yourself who appreciate them and truly understand.

          3. must say u r a man of few words but also very revealing to one such as me who holds a masters degree in social psychology

    1. Thank you very much Rashmi 🙂
      I almost forgot about this daily prompt thing, until yesterday when Aruna of Riples n reflections reminded me about it 🙂 Anyway good to be back.

        1. yes my dear Aunt Helen a nurse who was divorced took me in to live with her for over 3 years when I was between the ages of 11 and 15. She was very kind to me and very open with talking about her intimate apparel. Mostly she wore white silk stockings with open bottom girdles and panty girdles. She only wore a garter belt when she went out on a date and then she wore long sheer and silky black full fashioned nylon stockings which were my very favorites. She had very shapely legs, long and slim ankles curvy calves and firm but full thighs. She often spoketo me about how she enjoyed wearing stockings with garters, telling me that she just loved the feeling of silky nylons on her legs and garters on her thyighs.

  1. nylon stockings with seams up the back were prevelant in the early 1940s and 50s. later during the 1960 mini skirts were very popular with ladies from teens to 40s and b eylond much to the delight of leg lovers.

      1. yes we r willing to share more. Even before we were married my sweet wife would treat me to the most fabulous peeks up her skirt while driving next to me in the car and when getting into or out of our car with views all theway up past the dark welt at the very top of her nylon stockings and even garter glimpses.

          1. yes now you know something about me and us. but it all began way back in my pre-teen years when I lived with a divorced Aunt of mine who was a nurse and wore white silk stockings under bher uniform covered by a silkybwhite snug fittin nylon slip and also a sexy white lycra-spandex open bottom 6 garter girdle. Auntie taught me how to takev care of her delicate intimate vapparel by hand washing them and patting them dry with towels. o my dear Auntie had such a figure. Long shapely legs very curvy hips and very large breasts. As I recall she wore a size 44 DDD cup brassier.. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXH

          2. just a hint about the real joy of experiencing nylon fetish pleasures. If u have ever touched even the shoulder of a woman wearing a satin blouse = well that comes pretty close.

  2. what made thosd times so special and memlorable were seeing so many women dressed like ladies rather than construction workers.

    1. That sounds interesting. Yes, I do adore the ladies that I get to see in old period movies. One example can be the ladies in Pride and Prejudice.
      Would you like to share more on your good old golden days?
      And thank you very much for sharing your memories 🙂

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