theyyam, thira, malabar, folklore. culture, kavu, andalur kavu, bali, sugrivan

#TBT | Theyyam, War of Human Gods : Photo Essay

Theyyam Tales : War of Human God

theyyam, malabar, culture, folklore
When Gods starts a war!

Welcome to some of the cultural visuals of India

Welcome to the traditions of Kerala

Have you ever seen Gods?

Their wars?


Here is the link to revisit it

Theyyam Tales : War of Human God

Here is an opportunity to revisit the War of the Gods. If you like it,

if you want to see it in real, I would like to remind you that, this is an annual event, and this is going to happen in February 3rd week this year in Kannur, Kerala, India.  So are you interested to witness it?



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Indah Susanti

Impressive! I have seen images about it and yours are great! I did not visit Kerala on my previous visit in India..maybe I should return to India 🙂

Fimnora Westcaw

How interesting! And your photos are quite beautiful. It reminds me of things we have in the US, like the Civil War re-enactments, and the Revolutionary War, as well. I actually love the Renaissance Festivals we have here which usually last for a month or more (weekends only) where the stories of Robin Hood, or other Medieval Knights tales are played out. People dress up at the Faire, and there’s traditional foods, and lots of booths where clothing, weapons, and all manner of goods are sold. It’s like an ancient market place.


Sure I’m interested to witness it, so please witness it for me since I won’t able to make it 😛


Do you mean Gods fight during Valentine :O


Those dancers remind me of some I have seen in Hindu Bali! But never been to Kerala. Seems a very cultural as well as beautiful place 😉


Wow, what a story, what a performance!!! Wish they could play on a stage so the crowd can get better view. 🙂 Thank you for the links! Thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂


super! This looks extremely interesting 🙂


You’re reminding me, Shivaratri is soon, yes? xoxoM

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