A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step

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A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step


I am sitting in my room on this rainy evening pondering over my future, about being a nomad, about the life of a hobo and about being an entrepreneur. Thoughts were never ending. What I needed was some action.

Long back, around in 600 BC Lao-Tzu reminded us something. Whatever he said was translated something like: ” A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step”. If you study this words of wisdom in depth in the light of Physics, we can find that, it even refers to Newton’s Laws of motion regarding inertia!

Okay! I will stop being exaggerating. My point was that I took this step as an escape from my state of inertia. Today I created this page and posting the first blog post. I am hoping to share with you my travel memories and memories frozen as photographs.

Thanking everyone for your future support and kindness.


Unless mentioned otherwise, all pictures are taken by Trablogger. Please contact for approval, if you would like to use them for any purpose.

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Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.

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You already proved you are a great walker 🙂 night and day! you ‘ll go very far, and I am already looking forward to your next posts!

Soul n Spirit

The first post? The first step? So far so good……Keep taking baby steps and keep walking ahead to achieve what you want 🙂


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Priceless Joy

Just think of all the millions of miles you have traveled on WordPress! From one country to another country and then to another country almost in the speed of light. 🙂

Boho Hobo

The first step is the most important one! And it is also the scariest – because the unknown lies ahead. But we will never be sorry for taking the leap of faith! Happy you took it 🙂

A Space Within

Well, that single step brought you a long way! Keep chasing the wind~ 😀 you’ve got to let us know when you’ve travelled a thousand miles- unless I’m really behind on reading and missed it.. If that’s it, I’m sorry 🙁 trying to catch up on your posts, ahaha. Nice sandals btw! 😛


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