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The People I Met On The Road : P Gowri Shankar

P. Gowri Shankar

The passion for Travelling has given me some great opportunities to meet really wonderful people. Recently I met Gowri Shankar. There is a name that is always associated with Gowri Shankar.  It is not name of a human, name of a place or anything. Ok, for those who are not into snakes, reptiles and

How I Jimpified My life in Agumbe Rainforest

Viper : Up close and personal

We do complain about almost everything. "It is so hot, why is it not raining?!!" :  Our first complaint. Then one day it started to pour cats and dogs. "I will get sick because/of this rains. When will it stop?" : the next one. Our complains go on and on.


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